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Clue:Movie Title:Key Cast Member/s
They made me an offer I couldn't refuse to place it at #1...
Play it again (and again and...)
Arguably the best sequel ever
What do you get when you mix a shark with a jet?
Don't rain on her parade...
Group of friends reunite for a funeral
She plays the Yeshiva Boy
Up close & personal with some US presidents
Soccer players crash in the Andes
Every man has his price...
2 cowboys in love
Royals arguing and using their offspring as pawns
Misty watercolour memories, of...
Gay couple with A.I,D.S.
From Russia with Love...
Brat Pack film from Joel Schumacher
A lawyer with AIDS
Underrated Australian film from 2008 deals with autism
Coppola's not- so great third instalment
Part VII
Set in a galaxy far, far away
Who is the real Dickie Greenleaf?
Sally Bowles
2006 film about 2 teachers and their secrets
'We're not in Kansas anymore'
The other Ripley's sequel
Donald Woods and Steve Biko
Sister Meryl
Gay man deals with loss of his partner
In space, no one can hear you scream...
'I am not an animal...I am a human being!'
Modern adaptation of events in Verona
Based on true story of gay students murdering then having a party
'We're on a mission from God'
The hills are alive with...
Rations and a Nazi on board a small vessel in this film by Hitch
Gay teacher falls in love with pregnant flatmate
Mrs Robinson
1957 classic Christmas sad film of a family struck by tragedy
Let's meet at the Empire State Building...
Que Sera, Sera...
Ship capsizes, happy new year
Modern update of Shakespearean tale about royal usurper
Wartime desperation leads a woman to do the unthinkable
Almost the story of the Supremes
Obscure 2008 thriller on a shuttle bus
Jane Grey seizes the throne
Based on a John Irving novel
Life is Beautiful! (Italian title)
Clue:Movie Title:Key Cast Member/s
Jack plays an astronaut
Drag queens on a bus
Eva Peron
Aussie teaching a royal to speak
Film about Frances Farmer
Sunny von Bulow & his comatose wife
Moving adaptation of the Tarzan story
Watch out for that asp!
'Lend me your ears!'
5 stars for the Bates Motel
ABBA in Greece?
Missionaries and a waterfall
Tutsi versus Hutu
Injured guy snoops on neighbours
Lifelong friends that met at a beach
Musician amid the holocaust
Seemingly unrelated stories come together...
One of Woody Allen's best films
The ship does eventually sink...
A phone call to kill an heiress
Lasse Hallstrom directed film from 1993
Honest dad tries to keep his son away from the mafia
Parents deal with death of their child
Trapped in a coffin
9/11 tragedy
2 random people meet...criss cross
Australian film about a father and his gay son
Ray Charles
T. E. Lawrence
Rubin Carter
Hitchcock iconic film about avian terror
This boy is a little devil...
Love, betrayal and Nazis in this Hitch film
A race across the globe to win a wager
The Cosacks and their enemies
Is this wealthy woman's playboy husband plotting her murder?
Chance, the gardener
'Carpe Diem' and 'Captain my Captain'
Son of Italian migrants wants to come out of the closet
Sam Mendes' hit film in 1999
Maggie Thatcher
African- American maids
7620 minutes (or 5 days)
In Siam
The Ark of Covenant
Royals amid the death of a princess
A landmark interview in the 70s
Comedy spoof of disaster movies
Ex-prisoner stalk his lawyer
Clue:Movie Title:Key Cast Member/s
Made a huge star of Toni Collette
The Duke looks for his lost niece
English ladies and fascists
IRA and a transgendered object of affection
Unlikely strippers
An afflicted king
Modern take on 'Dangerous Liaisons'
2001 psychological horror film set in a house filled with ghosts?
Statue of Liberty in ruins on the beach?
LA citizens' lives are interwoven in this 2004 film
POWs attempt to get out of a German camp in WWII
Disaster movie in a skyscraper
'Houston, we have a problem'
Bring Him Home!
Boiling bunny
Bus with a bomb
Moses parts the Red Sea
5 social events, 4 usually happy and 1 fatal
Features a classic chariot race
Tina Turner
1996 Slasher film
Transgender with son
John Grisham novel adaptation
About a silent movie star
'Hoo- ah!'
2004 horror film named after a tool
Johnny Cash
Road movie with 2 women
Ruler of Wadiya
Aussies in Turkey
From jungle to Empire State Building
Escaping a Turkish prison
A free man in slavery for over a decade
A Tarantino classic
Mark Zuckerberg
Definitive Christmas classic shown on TV almost every year...
David Fincher's take on the trilogy
The singing nuns
Patsy Cline
This groom needs male friends
Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Pandora Blues
Good morning Baltimore
Bond at 50
Alone in space
Tsunami drama
Oskar's holocaust story
Scuba diving couple left behind
Sidney Poitier has class
Jean Valjean - the musical!

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