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Can you name the GAY & LESBIAN POP MUSIC ICONS as voted by JOY 94.9 FM's Caffe` Latte` listeners?

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Clue:Artist name:Key Track to Explore:
Played Fanny Brice, Dolly Levi & Yentl
Blue eyed soul female singer UK 60s pop
American duo of siblings
Swedish Eurovision winners
Ex- Bronski Beat & Communards
Sang some Bond movie songs
US born Australian music idol
Sang a song about his incident in a toilet
British female singer / songwriter debuted in 70s
British male piano-playing diva
British chameleon of pop
Australian blue eyed soul female
Actress / singer / comedian
British dance / pop male duo
Canadian lesbian icon
Australian Idol runner-up
Her disco records still inspire dance music
Went from duo, a TV series to solo stardom & an Oscar
Australian TV star & singer
Worked with Dave Stewart in a duo
Flamboyant lead singer of British group
Aussie boy band with a residency in Vegas
Actress & singer; first worked with ex-husband
Singer & actress (of limited success in films)
Clue:Artist name:Key Track to Explore:
Formerly in Yazz/ Yazzoo
Motown's supreme female star
UK/ Aussie perennial favourite
70s disco group of 'characters'
Folk singer / songwriter emerging in the 80s
Australian singer of varied genres
Leather clad rock chick
R&B / Pop singer and actress- a tragic loss in 2012
Started young in family group then huge pop solo star
Blonde lead singer of punk group emerging in 70s
Daughter of 'Dorothy'
Child film actress/ singer and TV star
Country/ Pop singer, songwriter & actress
Group named after Nigerian lead singer
UK pop veteran who recently came out of closet
Aussie singer very popular in France
Aussie expat that scored US #1 hits in 70s
80s pop star: she's so unusual
60s female trio on Motown
Lead singer of 60s folk / pop group
Rock chick from USA
Gender bender
A Boy from Oz
Brit girrl power group
Clue:Artist name:Key Track to Explore:
'Sasha Fierce'
One of top Brit groups
Member of Fleetwood Mac
Disco pioneering female singer
Rocking lesbian singer
Pop star with Little Monsters
Swedish duo
Jamaican singer & (limited) film star
Started as a Weather Girl
Aussie rock chick from Divinyls
Trio of sisters with many 80s dance hits
German 70s disco group
UK duo: Andy Bell & Vince Clarke
UK trio then downsized to duo
Trio of Brothers from UK / Australia
Hip Hop's major female singer
Ex- Savage Garden
Folk / rocker who loves it when you call her names
Not really siblings, but they made the cut
From The Smiths to solo
'Cat Woman'
Canadian born to a musical family
80s pop singer: sang for more than just the kids in America
She thinks we are all beautiful!
Clue:Artist name:Key Track to Explore:
Puerto Rican pop star
Rock chick who truly is a Great Pretender
Recorded an AIDS charity song with musical friends
Country singer killed in a plane crash
Performed in a gay bathhouse with Bette Midler
UK singer with hits in the 60s that colour my world
Colourfully named current rock chick
The Queen of Soul
Calamity Jane
Transvestite disco singer
UK pop group with a hit that went: 5,6,7,8.
US pop star who was JT's ex from New Mckey Mouse Club
Born Janis Eddy Fink
Started in Theaudience, then Spiller & is now solo
Swedes known for crying at discotheques
Scottish Eurovision winner
George & Andrew's duo
UK trio before The Communards
Zany group from Athens, Georgia
'Damita Jo'
Frankie Say...
From 'Lady Marmalade' to 'On My Own'
Drag actor/ singer from John Waters films

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