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Can you name the performers of these Classic Australian Rock songs?

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Song Title:Performer:Charting Year:
He's My Number One1980
Girls in our Town1976
I'll Be Gone1971
Island Nights1979
Leaps and Bounds1987
Captain Captain1978
Nothing Can Divide Us1988
I am an Island1982
Miss Freelove '691991
Confide in Me1994
How Come1981
Puppet on a String1980
No Time1982
Stares and Whispers1977
Forever Now1982
I Wanna Make You My Lady1976
Speak to the Sky1971
Eleanor Rigby1970
Winter in America1976
Let There Be Rock1978
Love and Other Bruises1976
I Hear Motion1983
Oh No Not You Again1981
Say Goodbye1986
Song Title:Performer:Charting Year:
Come And See Her1966
Taking the Town1984
Let's Do It1975
It's a Mistake1983
Old Sid1976
Shadow Boxer1979
My Mistake1977
Dreaming my Dreams with You1980
Her Charity1987
Body and Soul1982
What a Bitch is Love1981
The Love Game1975
Accidentally Kelly Street1992
Holy Word1986
Nice Legs, Shame About the Face1979
Janie May1977
Lonely Days1971
The Star1969
The Unguarded Moment1981
Jamaica Rum1976
Million Dollar Riff1975
Child's Play1976

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