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ABBA formed in which country?
Which album cover featured ABBA & a helicopter?
Which ABBA song was their only US #1?
In which year did ABBA win Eurovision?
Mamma Mia is set in which country?
Which ABBA song has the record for longest run at #1 in Australia?
Which Madonna hit sampled an ABBA song?
ABBA the Movie was set in which country?
Which musical did Bjorn & Benny co-write with Tim Rice?
In which city is 'Our Last Summer' set?
What was the last ABBA song recorded?
How many #1s did ABBA achieve in the UK?
Who was ABBA's manager & co-writer?
Which ABBA song was co-written by Agnetha?
Who produced Frida's hit 'I Know There's Something Going On'?
Which Irish boyband reached #1 in the UK with an ABBA cover?
What was the name of the Swedish label ABBA were on?
ABBA donated royalties of which song to UNICEF in 1979?
Which British duo recorded the 'ABBAEsque' covers EP?
Which mini- musical was part of 'ABBA- The Album'?

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