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Haymitch's last name
What animal kills Glimmer
What district does Katniss live in
What is Peeta's last name
What does Katniss shoot to get the gamemakers attention
What does Peeta choose for his talent after the games
What does Katniss choose as her talent after the games
Who is the president of Panem
wha is the 75th Hunger Games also known as
Who dies by the poison berries
What are the poison berries called
Who invites them to a feast in the first games
What does Katniss find in her home after district 12 is destroyed
Who gives Katniss her mockingjay pin
Wha position does Madge's father have in district 12
How many times is Katniss's name entered in the reaping
What does Katniss call Prim when her dress untucks at the reaping
What business does Peeta's family own
Where does Katniss trade her goods
What kind of fruit does Katniss always sell to the mayor
Who does Rue remind Katniss of
What does Katniss recieve after Rue dies
What is Katniss's first gift in the games
What does Cinna do to Katniss and Peeta's outfits in the opening ceremony
What district are Glimmer and Marvel from

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