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Can you name the Halo Wars characters and units?

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can you name the characters and units in
Captain _______
Sergeant _______
Professor ________
the AI aboard the Spirit of Fire
the main antagonist
Prophet of ________
infectious organisms
Brute ________
the super soldiers of the UNSC
the pawns of the Covenant
anti-infantry of the Covenant
anti-vehicle of the Covenant
grunts willing to commit suicide
special forces units of the Covenant
Covenant with energy swords/needlers
main infantry of the UNSC
upgraded version of UNSC main infantry
UNSC units fighting with fire
the tanks of the UNSC
can you name the characters and units in
upgraded versions of tanks (with sergeant)
anti-air vehicles of the UNSC
vehicles with railguns
plasma based tanks
the mobile mini base
the main air of the UNSC
upgraded version of main air
UNSC uber unit
UNSC scout vehicle
UNSC building killer
UNSC vehicle firing an EMP
Covenant tank
Covenant scout
Covenant building killer
Covenant main-air
Covenant repair unit
Covenant secondary air
Covenant super weapon
Brute scout

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