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QUIZ: Questions about my life on career mode over the years.

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What is my record number of seasons with one club?
In Fifa 15 I completed one season with Bournemouth on world class. Where did I finish that year (transferred them into BPL)
What player have I signed on every Fifa since the start of Fifa 14? (Last name only).
In Fifa 13 I signed Aguero to West Ham. He eventually hit 92 rated. But how much did I buy him for?
What is the record number of career modes I've ever had on one Fifa?
In my onwards and upwards career mode on Fifa 16, what club did I win the champions league with?
How many different clubs have I managed in my onwards and upwards career mode on Fifa 16?
Which of these world class players have I never signed? Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Muller.
In Fifa 14 I reached the final of the champions league with QPR. Who did I lose to in the final in the last minute?
Fifa 11 was my first FIFA game. The first career mode I did was a co-op career with which club?
On Fifa 13 I had 3 strikers that reached 89 rated at the very least. Aguero 92, Benzia 89. Who was the other striker?
In the Portsmouth career mode on Fifa 15, who did I sell first?
On the Fifa 15 Portsmouth career mode, Josh was sold to Atletico Madrid. How much was he sold for?
Who has the most goals in one season for me? (Fifa 13)
I have won the premier league on world class once in my life. What club did I win it with? (Fifa 16)

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