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Episode - DescriptionName of Episode
1- Jeff starts study group to get with Britta
2- Jeff has to work with Pierce
3- Jeff and Britta become Abed's parents
4- Britta dates tiny nipples
5- Jeff represents Britta in cheating case
6- Jeff gets Troy to join Football team
7- Halloween Party
8- Jeff moves in with Abed
9- Jeff joins Annie on the Debate Team
10- Abed and Troy lose their rat
11- STD Fair
12- Christmas Fight
13- Jack Black joins group
Episode - DescriptionName of Episode
14- Troy and Britta take dance
15- KickPuncher!
16- Drunk Dial
17- Strip Billiards
18- Its Family Day!
19- Pierce drowns in the Parking Lot
20- April Fool's Day
21- Goodfellas
22- 'Uh Duhhhhh'
23- Paintball
24- Chang gets Fired
25- Jeff must choose

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