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Can you name the Characters from David Eddings' series the Elenium and Tamuli?

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The Elenium
The one with the broken nose 
Pale Queen 
She's a Styric 
Watch out for her kisses 
Preceptor of the Pandions 
Best Friend of #1 
Gendian Knight 
Alcione Knight 
Cyrinic Knight 
Bearded squire of #1 
Leader of the thieves in Cimmura 
Thief with a 'bastard' complex 
Starts as a Pandion trainee 
Thief and son of #10 
Domi of the Peloi 
Primate of Cimmura and a bit of a jerk 
Whiny Prince Regent, referred to as 'The Bastard' 
Emperor of Zemoch 
Elder god of Zemoch 
Drunken king of Thalesia 
Former Pandion that #2 helps get elected Archprelate 
Fat/Jolly Patriarch of Ucera 
Stern Patriarch of Kadach 
White haired Pandion 
Drunken spy 
Smelly and stupid hired goon 
Slutty Princess 
Elderly King of Deria 
King of Arcium 
Kindly old Earl, loyal to #1 
Patriarch, former Gendian, still acts like a knight 
Wife of #10 
Sea Captain, calls #1 Master Cluff 
Lacky of #16, liked boys 
'once he is bought he stays bought' 
Insectoid creature controlled by Azash 
Preceptor of the Cyrinics 
Preceptor of the Alciones 
Preceptor of the Gendians 
Dwarfed Troll, wants flower gem back 
Count with the cursed sister 
Caretaker who eventually kills #43 
Sister of #41, becomes servant of Azash 
The Tamuli
Atan giantess, bodyguard/slave of #2 
Son of #10, takes over as #1's squire 
Emperor of Tamuli 
Ambassador of the Emperor 
Atan general, serves as father to #44 
World Maker, hates red and iron 
Domi of the Peloi in Tamuli 
The Queen's doe eyed maid 
Baroness who pretends to be dumb but is actually smart 
Anarae of the Delphae 
Most skilled styric wizard 
A terrible poet 
Arrogant ringleader of plot, will burn forever 
Bastard son of #54, super crazy 
Prince of Thalesia with a shortness complex, gets stuffed in a wine barrel 
Queen of Atan 
King of Atan, fairly stupid 
Leader of thieves in Tamuli, uses awful accent 
Younger smarter brother of #47 
Bare breasted Valesian Empress 
Elderly Anare of the Delphae 
God of the Cyrgai 
Ambassador to Astel 
Conspirator, ribbon salesman 
Prime Minister of Tamuli, incompetent 
Ambassador to Atan 
Interior minister, conspirator and traitor 
Embodiment of evil, had been banished by elder gods 
Troll that aserves as ambassador to group 
Troll God of Kill 
Troll God of Eat 
Troll God of Ice 
Troll God of Fire 
Troll God of Mating/Fertility 
Styric God to the Alciones, kind of stupid 
Styric God to the Cyrinics, booming voice 
Styric God to the Gendians, short-tempered 
Leader of the Astellian Church, has huge beard 
God of the Delphae 

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