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Can you name the Erised Characters??

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Hint WhpHouse
disliked professor - drill Sargent - frequent recuer Hufflepuff
Trouble Magnet, Object of morbid obsession, emotionally confused, Ravenclaw
Dated Tori Rose, Some Band FounderRavenclaw
Sold out, Order Member, Dated PadfootGryffindor
killed by York Kings during Hogwarts attack '77Slytherin
spy, devoted brother, 'justice's mate'Slytherin
Often ran 'very fast' into trouble Hufflepuff
Halfblooded thug, future merc, stabbed in sixth yearGryffindor
Auror, went into hiding, 'She didn't deserve him' Slytherin
'Saw' the end, taught the lost, sacrificial saintGryffindor
Married Virginia Bones, 'Did the right thing'Ravenclaw
Chaser and Jokster, High;y admiredGryffindor
Hint WhpHouse
Saught missing brotherHufflepuff
tutored William Nott, nosy debutante Slytherin
scorned auor, order member, tutored a SIlversGryffindor
doomed to be devoted, loner, heroSlytherin
Dated a Kings, lives in brother's shadow, gay?Slytherin
raised by ex DADA professor, one of three Slytherin
quiet badger, artist, Hufflepuff
Beauty married a monsterN/A
Published Author and Activist Ravenclaw
High interrogator, knowledge addict Slytherin
club host, loose liped, pompous Slytherin

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