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English translationGerman translation
to sit
to read
to place, set
to lead
to be
to expect
to stay, remain
to name
to ask
to look at, watch
to name, to call (a name)
to achieve, reach
to correspond
to fall
to live
to set, put, place
to know
to close
to form, educate
to show
to get, receive
to know
to think
should, ought to
to deal, trade
to play
to elapse; to decay
to study
to let, allow, have done
to find
to say
to depict, portray
to exist, insist, pass (an exam)
to explain
English translationGerman translation
to shine, seem, appear
to originate, develop
to receive
to understand
to try, attempt
to offer
to be able to, can
to do, make
to be allowed, may
to take
to win
to do
to want
to carry, wear
to talk
to meet
to lose
to be valid
to write
to become
to interest
to work
to be missing, to be absent, to lack
to begin
to mean
to live
to speak
to give
to learn
to see
to connect, link
to offer
to stand
to lie, lying
English translationGerman translation
to drive, ride, go
to bring, take
to help
to follow
to come
to have to, must
to wait
to stop, halt
to develop
to remember
to affect, concern
to lay, put
to recognise
to search, look for
to manage, create
to think
to belong
to appear
to have
to go
to need
to run
to begin
to like
to believe
to introduce
to result in
to pull, move
to narrate, tell
to appear, look (a certain way)
to compare
to feel

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