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Can you name the Little Britain Characters?

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A little helpActor
By far the 'largest' and most sophisticated characterMatt Lucas
The only gay in the villageMatt Lucas
Writes booksMatt Lucas
A long forgotten atheleteDavid Walliams
A doctor helping a very disturbed but also normal individualMatt Lucas
Needs help from the doctorDavid Walliams
A big ladyDavid Walliams
A lady and a lady's friendMatt Lucas
'Look into my eyes'Matt Lucas
Helps a good friend in a wheelchairDavid Walliams
A little helpActor
Sits in a wheelchair - 'I want that one'Matt Lucas
Bitty pleaseDavid Walliams
Helps with judging foodMatt Lucas
Judges food and is a complete racistDavid Walliams
I am looking for a pirate game...David Walliams
Man I LOVE the cake!!!Matt Lucas
If you asked me on Monday, I would say YESDavid Walliams
Yes, but no, but yes, but no...Matt Lucas
In love with an important personDavid Walliams
The Important personAnthony Head

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