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Cabinet PositionNamePolitical Party
Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign AffairsLikud
Minister of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentThe Jewish Home
Minister of ConstructionKulanu
Minister of Culture and SportLikud
Minister of DefenseYisrael Beiteinu
Minister of the Interior, Minister of the Development of the Negev and GalileeShas
Minister of the Economy Kulanu
Minister of Education, Minister of Diaspora AffairsThe Jewish Home
Minister of FinanceKulanu
Minister of HealthUnited Torah Judaism
Minister of Immigrant AbsorptionYisrael Beiteinu
Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy, Minister of TransportationLikud
Cabinet PositionNamePolitical Party
Minister of Jerusalem, Minister of Environmental ProtectionLikud
Minister of Internal Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs, Minister of InformationLikud
Minister of TourismLikud
Minister of JusticeThe Jewish Home
Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and WaterLikud
Minister of Regional Cooperation, Minister of CommunicationsLikud
Minister of Religious AffairsShas
Minister of Science, Technology and SpaceLikud
Minister for Senior CitizensLikud
Minister of Welfare and Social ServicesLikud
Minister in the Prime Minister's OfficeLikud

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