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Sperm shape
The noise a male alpaca makes when breeding.
________ animals do the best as far as maintaining body condition
The central processing unit that converts electrical imulses received from the crystals into 2 dimensional images on the viewing screen
Term for an ugly face
Hormone of receptivity
A contact medium used for internal ultrasound exams.
Another accesory sex gland
Earliest date (in days) that you can diagnose a pregnancy from ultrasound.
Where is estrogen produced?
Sperm activity
These erupt in male alpacas around 2 years old due to testosterone.
Hormone of pregnancy
This camel has two humps.
40-80 days: What side do you ultrasound on?
Descendant of alpacas
Primary sex gland
Liver function is altered as caloric needs are met through mobilization of fat, caused by not enough food
What is the term for a baby alpaca?
A male alpaca from another farm comes for mating
This hormone causes a dominant follicle to form
When, in days, can you pick up a heart beat?
What is the gestation length of an alpaca?
The component that creates the impulses sent to the transducer to generate sound energy (also called the pulser)
This injection causes lysis of the CL
Retained testicle(s)
Recieves the current generated in the transducer from the returning sound energy
What is a pregnancy greater than 40 days termed?
Fluid on an ultrasound appears this color.
What is a pregnancy less than 40 days termed?
Descendant of llamas
Sperm fluidity
The S-shaped curve of the penis
Round is fat. What BCS # correlates? (Type out the #)
________ animals are the last to eat and may lose condition especially in harsh weather
Grain are _________
Accessory sex gland
80+ days: What side do you ultrasound on?
The probe housing the elements that both sends and recieves the sound waves
Paternal twins
A follicle larger than this size is considered abnormal.
Amplifies the returning signals and prepares them to be displayed
The term for a receptive female laying down to be bred.
Soft tissue on an ultrasound appears this color.
This is better than abortion, as it occurs earlier.
Baby goes out the back end. (This term is a misnomer.)
Where are pregnancies in alpacas most commonly established?
High in calcium but low in phosphorus
Increase frequency of ultrasound, increase ______ but decrease depth of ________
Triangular is skinny. What BCS # correlates? (Type out the #)
This camel has one hump.
The penis penetrates the _____ and deposits semen into each __________.
Identical twins
Another term for the CL.
A contact medium used for external ultrasound exams.
Where is progesterone produced? (spell out)

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