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How many weeks before breeding should you look to male nutrition and BSE?
Name something you'd do about a month prior to breeding for your females?
How long before the intended breeding time in months should you start photoperiod induction for females?
It's 2 months for males. (1 long day, 1 short day) 
If you wish to use a _____ male, the surgery mus be performed 60 days in advance to eliminate all semen.
Procedure= vasectomy or epididectomy 
This tool is usually used as part of a BSE to collect semen.
True or false: Rams work hard. Treat them right by ensuring a BCS of 4, with 15% protein for those working muscles!
Those working humping muscles. 
If your ewes are eating poor quality forage, what should you supplement with to give the extra breeding energy they need until 2-3 weeks after breeding period?
True or false: okay, so pizzle rot is bad in rams. But surely ewes want over 14% protein for the developing fetus, right?
How much of a jump in synchronization do you see if you add a second shot of prostaglandin 9 to 11 days later?
What ratio of females to males do you recommend with CIDR programs (11-14 days for sheep, 14-17 for goats)
This fertility program is not for use in dairy sheep or goats during lactation.
What is the only period when the Ram Effect is relevent?
Increases LH and causes ovulation a few days later (silent estrus) 
If using the Ram effect, at what two times should you breed the females after introduction?
How many days? 
How many weeks can you use a single crayon marker on the harness?
What are the two methods of ultrasound preg check used at 42 males after the breeding period ends?
True or false: if you rub a buck with a rag, then seal that rag in a jar, then put that jar in a pen, then open that jar... the estrus does will come.
In which species is AI a vet only procedure by laparoscopic technique due to cervical type?
Which of the following is nto a likely early neonatal (first 48 hours of life) cause of death?
a)hypothermia or hypoglycemia b)septicemia c)white muscle disease d)predation e)all of the above are likely in this time window. 
Which of the following is not a likely cause of death in late neonatal period (7 days until weaning)?
a)neonatal diarrhea b)pneumonia c)coccidiosis d)GI parasites e)urinary stones or pulpy kidney 
If you divide the number of lambs born dead by the number born alive or dead, you get?
If you divide # of lambs or kids dying before 60 days by the number born alive, this is?
Severe hypothermia is below this temp.
normal is over 39 *C 
True or false: hypothermia tends to only be a concern in winter?
True or false: some breeds will only mother their first lamb in each litter?
Low birth weight is under this many kg.
Indicative of insufficient nutrients in last trimester. 
High birth weight increases risk of dystocia in most breeds, but not larger ones like suffolks. How many kg?
Watery mouth is a form of endotoxemia usually caused by this organism.
mainly effects mid neonatal lambs. 
Give an example of an organism likely to cause septicemia or polyarthritis despite adequate passive transfer of colostrum.
Deficiency in this mineral is associated with excess molybdenum in Ontario.
But you can't give sheep cattle feeds with this added or you risk toxicity. Fine for goats though. 
True or false: A patient 5 days old might be affected by cryptosporidia, rotavirus, coronavirus or EPEC?
What GI agent tends to take over in being most common after 3 weeks?
Which of the following is most likely to be confused with copper deficiency?
a)polioencephalomalacia b)spinal abscess due to tail docking c)caprine arthritis encephalitis d)tetanus e)sarcocystis 
What is the causative agent of pulpy kidney enterotoxemia?
Primarily in 4-6 month window, but can strike at 5 weeks or older 
Which of the following is not a risk for urolithiasis?
a)low calcium to phosphorus ratio b)water restriction c)excessive salt intake d)market lamb and kid age 
Name a parasite associated with bottle jaw?
This is likely the second biggest cause of loss of lambs and kids on pasture, after hypothermia or hypoglycemia.
Haemonchus is usually pretty close to being second, but just behind. 
What are the biggest variable costs making up 50% of variable costs of production?
Although lambs are weighted for preweaning growth between 35 and 65 days, this is usually adjusted for __ days.
This is then used to calculate an ADG. 
Around what day of life +/-15 should you weight lambs for post-weaning growth?
Again, used to make an ADG from 50 days til this date. 
What is your goal for culling in the herd each year?
If this is present on the feet it is an indication of still birth, because it means the lamb did not walk.
Yellow staining on the coat of the newborn can indicate dystocia. What is it?
If the coat is still covered in wet or dry membranes or birth fluids, this indicates one of two things... name one.
When does a squared or blunted umbilicus end indicate the lamb died?
What is indicated if the lungs are dark plum colour and don't float?
Which of the following would you not typically associate with dystocia or assisted birth?
a)brain hemorrhage b)broken limbs c)broken ribs d)liquified intestines e)trauma to liver 
Name a location which typically shows evidence of bacterial showers due to septicemia?
What diet would you associate fatal abomosal bloats with?
DDx clostridial disease, check mucosal surface. 
Aside from potentially mushy kidneys, glucosuria and neurological disease, what other signs are there of C. perfringens D infection?
A watery abdomen may be termed _____.
If fat stores are absent on the heart but present on the kidney (brown fat)
a) the animal starved b)this is normal c)the animal was in negative energy balance but did not starve d)this is not a relevant finding, has no significance 
True or false: vitamin E, like selenium, crosses the placenta?
Which of the following is an advantage of shearing around a month before lambing?
a)increased dry matter intake b)increased birth weight and milk production c)increased cleanliness of the udder and perineum for nursing lambs d)decrease feeder space per ewe e)all of the above are true 
Which one of the following is not considered a minimal clostridial vaccination 4-6 weeks before birth?
a)perfringens type D b)septicum c)perfringens type C d)tetanus e)all of the above are necessary 
If your flock has caseous lymphadenitis, you should also vaccinate for this while you do clostridial ones.
Never to goats, they can abort. 
You give dewormers 2-4 weeks before birth to prevent PPER. What's that?
Ideally only treat those who will raise multiple offspring, primiparous, or those with evidence of parasitic infestation (to minimize resistance development). 
True or false: vaginal prolapse is a risk factor for pregnancy toxemia, hypocalcemia.
What kind of soap should you use to wash the perineum if you get the opportunity to assist in the birth?
Name a cause of dystocia?
These areas, about 4' by 5', often referred to as jugs, may allow some privacy to increase mother-offspring bond early on.
Especially useful for nervous primiparous females, crowded conditions, weak newborns, or when you have supermoms (Ewes that like to steal lambs before they have lambed themselves.) 
These diseases should be eradicated as part of mastitis control in nursing ewes or does.
In rare cases, lambs or kids may appear weak, thirsty pale, low PCV and positive on Coombs tests. What is the cause of this anemia?
Hint: their mom's colostrum wasn't up to snuff, and the farm didn't produce any spare... 
If you feed colostrum from a cow to a sheep, and the cow had Bovine Leucosis virus, what might happen?
Cows should also be vaccinated against Clostridium C and D and be Johne's negative if used for sheep or goats... 
You should tail dock a lamb after it bonds with the dam, but before _ days old.
Leave it long enough to cover the vulva in ewes, and the anus in males. 
You only need to castrate lambs and kids if they are to be marketed at above this age?
Which of the following is not true regarding cross fostering?
a)you can cover the fostered lamb or kid in birth fluids or placenta from the foster mom first b)if the new mom lost her offspring, skin it and wrap the new one in it c)may prompt better acceptance if you place a dog outside the pen to threaten the dam d)you can block the scent of the new lamb with vick's vapo rub in nostrils e)all of the above are true 
This is often done to milk on goat dairies to prevent bloat.
What starts being fed at 2 weeks until weaning?
16 to 18% protein content, most include coccidiostats. 
At 12 and 16 weeks of age young small ruminants should receive vaccinations against these diseases.
Annual boosters necessary for breeding stock. 21 day withdrawal for slaughter. 
Early weaning occurs between __ and __ days.
__, __ 
Peak productivity occurs at _ years of age in dairy small ruminants, and remains reasonable until _ years.

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