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______ are 65 known species characterized by 2 pairs of upper incisors, herbivorous diets and testes cranial to the penis.
_____ rabbits are between 8 and 12 weeks old, and weigh 1.8 to 2.75 kg.
______ rabbits are older than 12 weeks and weigh over 2.75 kg.
A single pelt of ______ fur can go for 40 dollars, most ranchers are part time and half of Canadian production is in Ontario.
True or false: forelimbs must be fully extended for rabbit thoracic radiography, because the heart is more cranial than in cats?
Which of the following antibiotics would be inappropriate for use in rabbits?
a)fluoroquinolones b)TMS c)penicillins d)tetracycline e)none of the above 
Which of the following antibiotics would be inappropriate for a bunny being raised for meat?
a)chloramphenicol b)penicillin c)cephalosporins d)macrolides e)all of the above 
This vein would be recommended for fluid administration in rabbits, but should be used with caution for drug administration.
Which of the following accurately describes the female rabbit's plumbing?
a)2 uteri, each with their own vagina b)2 uterine horns, each with their own cervix, 1 vagina c)2 vaginas, 1 uterus, 1 cervix d)1 vagina, 2 uteruses e)none of the above 
True or false: it is necessary to close the vaginal tunic for rabbit castration?
True or false: If removing an upper incisor of a rabbit, it is possible to leave the corresponding peg tooth to maintain prehensile capabilities?
What may have occurred if a rabbit presented to another clinic for an upper incisor tooth root abscess, had the offending teeth removed, and now has a honking noise on breath?
Name a common species isolated from rabbit mandibular abscesses?
True or false: rabbits have a vermiform appendage?
The ileocecal lymphoid tissue of the rabbit GI tract is referred to as?
These two vitamins are recycled through cecotrophy, which also recycles protein
_ and _ 
_ and _ 
Which treatment for gastric stasis would carry a poor prognosis?
a)increased dietary fibre b)fluid supplementation c)cisapride or metoclopramide d)surgery e)exercise 
Name a rule out for the bunny enteritis complex ('soiled hocks')
This is a general term for necrotizing enterocolitis occuring with neutropenia?
This DDx for soiled hocks occurs in young rabbits presenting with jelly like stool, in the absence of GI inflammation.
A high fibre diet is preventative. 
The triad of lesions on the intestines, liver, and heart (espeically at the cecum in the intestines) would be associated with this soiled hocks ddx?
Diagnosed with Warthin-Starry silver stain, looks like pick up sticks. 
This coccidial species is a rule out for bunny enteritis complex, which presents with a pendulous abdomen and multifocal white areas of necrosis on the liver.
This pinworm of rabbits is low in pathogenicity even with heavy infections. It is not zoonotic, and should be treated with fenbendazole and thorough cage cleaning.
With rabbit respiratory ailments including abscessation, otitis media (wry neck or torticollis), conjunctivitis, opthalmitis and/or septicemia, you'd think?
Long term enrofloxacin or TMS is palliative, not curative. 
A rabbit presents with CNS or opthalmic signs. Aside from pasteurellosis, name a DDx?
True or false: bordetella bronchiseptica is a possible cause of respiratory issues in bunnies?
This microsporidial parasite establishes in rabbit kidneys and spores are shed int he urine. It may cause granulomatous encephalitis in dwarf species especially.
This common cancer of female rabbits is slow to metastasize, but chest rads before surgery are recommended.
Early spay is preventative. 
Scabby, crusting muzzle and genital lesions are associated with this bacteria, AKA bunny syphilis.
Treatment is far, far more effective compared to Pasteurella infections. 
Topical iodine, Zinc and a move into a non-wire bottom cage are adivisible with a case of _______
This is the rabbit ear mite, which gets crushed my topical selamectin or systemic moxidectin or ivermectin.
Male ferrets are called ____, females ____.
Which of the following accurately describes ferret reproductive patterns?
a)seasonal monoestrus, induced ovulators b)seasonal polyestrus (March-August), induced ovulation c)seasonal polyestrus (August - November), induced ovulation d)seasonal polyestrus (March-August) e)none of the above 
These glands are usually removed along with castration to reduce ferret odour?
If a ferret is not fed a high quality cat or ferret food with high protein 30-40%, fat 20%, they will likely get?
These are the two routine vaccines in ferrets?
True or false: North American Ferrets are prone to Cushing's disease?
Hint: This condition is treated with Lupron, a synthetic GnRH analog. (With no response, the only resort is adrenalectomy) 
An intact female ferret was not bred on her last heat, and a month later now has an enlarged vulva and a CBC indicative of bone marrow suppression. this is?
As soon as you heard intact ferret female, not bred, you had a 50% chance this was going to happen. 
The most common neoplastic disease in ferrets, which may be retroviral associated would be?
This species, similar to H. pylori in humans colonizes every ferret stomach and may cause ulceration.
This species is more likely to affect the ferret colon than ileum with proliferative disease?
Diagnose with biopsy and silver stainig. 
A differential for intestinal thickening, marked with an eosinophilic infiltrate would be?
This is the most common cause of green slime disease in ferrets?
This parvovirus is most important in mink, but may affect ferrets too, with autoimmune complex deposition in kidneys. Clinical disease is rare in ferrets otherwise.
This condition is seen much less commonly in ferrets since the quality of diet has improved?
True or false: ferrets should be given prophylactic heartworm medications as with dogs?
This nickname for guinea pigs derives from their scientific name?
True or false: the distant ancestors of guinea pigs were basically guinea pigs the size of a pug in venezuala?
This vitamin must be exogenously supplemented for guinea pigs.
To prevent aspiration, it is essential to do this before guinea pig surgery?
A guinea sow is sexually mature at 6-8 months and must be bred for the first time before __ months to prevent pelvic fusion.
Name a necessary routine vaccine for guinea pigs?
True or false: guinea pigs tend to respond to infection of bacterial nature with neutrophilia?
True or false: guinea pigs and rabbits cannot vomit?
True or false: guinea pigs and rabbits are both incredibly difficult to intubate?
If this condition occurs in guinea pigs, euthanasia may be necessary as fragile jaw bones make extractions difficult.
Speaking again of dysbiosis, which of the following antibiotics would be acceptable in a guinea pig?
a)enrofloxacin b)beta lactams c)macrolides d)lincamycin e)clindamycin 
This is a common foreign body in guinea pigs housed in offices
This is the most common cause of suppurative bronchopneumonia in guinea pigs?
This condition, similar to pre-eclampsia in human women, often affects guinea pigs in advanced pregnancy?
If an older intact sow has a progressively enlarging abdomen and is painful when handled, and could be treated by spaying, this is?
This enzyme is missing in both humans and guinea pigs. Hence we both get scurvy.
Watch for rough hair coat, anorexia, lameness, pale MM, petechiation, fractures. 
This specific mange of guinea pigs may get so bad that they seize from the itch.
This is a hazard of giving multivitamins instead of vitamin C tablets to guinea pigs?
Why should you not scruff a chinchilla without supporting the bottom carefully?
How rapidly might a malocclusive chinchilla progress to being emaciated?
True or false: rodents cannot vomit?
This may occur in a chinchilla that is grooming regularly with insufficient fibre in its diet?
This requirement of chinchillas must be changed regularly and cannot be just any 'found' sand.
Excessive genital grooming and ischemic necrois with time may occur in male chinchillas with a ____ ____.
True or false: if an abscess has formed secondary to a bite wound on one of your chinchillas you should separate them, as they are likely fighting a lot?
A child was bitten by a hamster. The skin at the sight sloughed, there was a painful lymphadenopathy and fever. What was the condition?
This virus is carried asymptomatically by house mice (transmitted by urine, droppings, aerosol).
Can cause abortion, birth defects in first two trimesters in humans, be a threat to organ recipients. 
This bacteria is the usual cause of 'rat bite fever'
Hamser bite peritonitis is caused by this bacteria.
This condition of rats involves excess porphyin production by the Harderian glands.
Aside from Tyzzer's, salmonella e coli, mouse hepatitis (coronavirus), helicobacter and pinworms, mice suffer from transmissible colonic hyperplasia caused by?
True or false: a male hamster presents with dark hairless area over both flanks. This is pathological.
These structures in a hamster mouth may become impacted or inversed?
This species is prone to tail slip?
Nasal dermatitis is most likely due to this species in mongolian gerbils?

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