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True or false: Disease is one of the top 3 threats to biodiversity?
Which is the least likely reason for a new pattern of disease emerging when an ecosystem is disturbed?
a)a pathogen is released from an ecological constraint b)a new agent is introduced c)increased contact with humans spreads our diseases amongst animal populations d)new hosts are introduced e)agent mutates for increased virulence or host is under increased stress 
Name an example of environmental health affected by humans?
This center applies veterinary medical sciences to wildlife conservation and management, including disease surveillance, research, education and consultation.
Which of the following is not a flaw of wildlife rehabilitation?
a)may re-introdue animal in the wrong area, spreading disease or disrupting existing populations b)may alter natural selection c)individuals treated have little effect on most populations d)may accidentally tame or imprint the animals e)it may be associated with guilt 
True or false: veterinarians are automatically licensed under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation act to rehabilitate wildlife?
Name a disease that may be spread to companion animals or staff of a hospital temporarily housing wildlife?
Infection with this type of bacteria most commonly occurs in winter, and is the single most common cause of death at birdfeeders.
Also a zoonotic threat, which may affect housecats. 
This species of bacteria used to only be important in domestic poultry, but now may cause conjunctivitis, and be acquired at birdfeeders. It has most dramatically affected house fi
This illness comes in 3 forms, and may be transmitted by direct contact, fomites or biting insects.
The skin form is proliferative lesions on unfeathered parts, the diphtheritic form is moist necrotic lesions on MM of mouth and respiratory tract, and the systemic form affects serous membranes with fibrinous lesions 
This flavivirus is arthropod born, and has caused high mortality through neurological disease in northern owls and corvids. May affect humans and horses.
True or false: the easy treatment of salmonella or mycoplasma gallisepticum infections makes it a worthwhile effort to prevent unnecessary loss of wildlife?
This type of clostridium botulinum toxin is less frequently involved in outbreaks, mainly in Alaska or the great lakes region... there has been one reported in France.
This type of clostridium botulinum toxin is frequently involved in outbreaks associated iwth birds eating toxic maggots.
Rarely treated with antitoxin, food and water, despite effectivneness due to continued susceptibility. 
This zoonotic illness is most often transmitted by fecal-oral transmission, and makes biosecurity an important consideration for domestic birds.
Mainly in water fowl. The more virulent strains in humans tend to come from Asia. 
APMV-1 is associated with neurologicla disease in cormorants and rock pieons. It may cause _____ in humans.
This etiological agent of White Nose Syndrome originally came to NA with European spelunkers.
A fungus that causes abnormal arousal from hibernation probably due to thirst, and causes a white fuzzyg rowth on the wings and face. They starve or freeze while trying to find food or water. 
This virus is a benign focal cutaneous infection of South American cottontails, but is severe and often fatal in domestic rabbits (European)
Swellings on eyelids, forehead, prepuce and scrotum. Conjunctivitis, pneumonia, secondary bacterial infections. High morbidity and mortaltiy. 
Initially this virus causes friable, ulcerated vascular nodules, which later become firm and pale, similar to fibromas. Face and feet.
Name a differential for a bald, scruffy squirrel?
Of the white spot diseases which may have economic impact on the trappng industry, ______ affects muskrat and beavers, _____ beavers only, _____ muskrat only.
Hepatic and splenic swelling, may be zoonotic. Type A is rarer in Canada, highly virulent. Type B more common, associated with low virulence to people. 
Septicemia, multifocal hepatitis, splenitis, pneumonia. Not significantly zoonotic. 
Enterocolitis, multifocal hepatitis, NO splenitiis. Not zoonotic 
This racoon ascarid will do visceral larval migrans in people, can kill or blind children.
The CFIA does mid cervical intradermal tests for this pathogen on captive bison?
This CFIA reportable disease of cervids is dealt with by Ontario MNR for wild animals, or CFIA/OMAFRA for captives.
Fatal neuro disease. A transmissible spongiform encephalopahty. Doesn't seem to be zoonotic. 
True or false: llamas and alpacas have ovoid nucleated rbcs?
Their stomachs have 3 compartments. 
Which of the following would you not recommend vaccinating llamas against?
a)clostridium perfringens c and d b)tetanus c)WNV d)leptospirosis e)EHV-1 f)all of the above are legit 
Postassium and myoglobin levels in the blood would increase with this condition common in animals that were pursued beyond reasonable chase limits.
Crickets are higher in cholesterol than butter. This is important in overfed reptiles and frogs which may suffer from?
This parasitic disease agent's definitive host is the white tailed deer, but it may affect moose, elk, caribou, goats and camelids***.
Infection occurs via ingestion of snails or slugs. Prevent using molluscicides. In deer it may cause circling, rapid oscillation of eyeballs, lameness of the forelimbs. Effects in other species are more drematic, especially with moose. Dose dependent clinical sign severity. 
This reportable zoonotic disease may present in humans as a cutaneous coal black lesion, a severe pulmonary form, or GI problems.
Big problem in wood bison. Annual vaccination is a control strategy. Burn or bury deep. Blood leaks from all orifices, carcass rapidly bloats. 
This orbivirus is uncommon and rarely fatal in cattle, but is one of the most important infectious diseases of white tailed deer in the south east USA.
Transmitted by biting midges, gnats and mosquitoes. Viral injury to endothelial cells, hemorrhagic lesions. 
Name a genus of bacteria that may cause red ulcerations to appear on amphibian skin?
A fuzzy skinned sick amphibian may be suffering from this superficial fungal infection?
Which of the following is the best euthanasia method for amphibians?
a)freezing b)anesthesia followed by IV barbiturate c)anesthesia followed by IC barbiturate d)decapitation 
This fungal species is the most important disease implicated in global amphibian population decline.
First identified in Australia, it targets the mouthparts of tadpoles, the ventrum and feet of adults, and has motile zoophores that spread through the environment. It is an OIE reportable disease along wtih Ranaviruses. 
This European country suffered the most from Chytridiomycosis, with a ban on the importation of one of their favourite delicacies in the live form.
Only frozen skinned specimens are welcomed past customs. 
This amphibian virus results in erythema, generalized swelling, hemorrhage and friable hepatomegaly.
Without adequate lighting, reptiles may become deficient in this vitamin?
Which of the following species is herbivorous?
a)chameleons b)geckos c)iguanas d)monitor lizards 
Which of the following is least likely the cause of blister disease/ulcerative dermatitis in reptiles?
a)gram positive bacteria b)gram negative bacteria c)fungus d)mycobacteria 
This skin disease of snakes is called _______, and involves failure to shed due to systemic illness, primary skin disease or low humidity.
This gastric illness involves an enlarged stomach without digestive enzymes. Diagnosed by gastric lavage, fecal smears. No highly effective treatment, infectious cause.
Watch for regurgitation, weight loss, emaciation. 
Necrotizing enteritis or colitis, bacteremia, chronic spinal osteomyelitis might appear in snakes caused by?
This protozoa is especially carried by aquatic chelonians, causing necrotizing enteritis/colitis in snakes and terrestrial chelonians.
Without histology you can't differentiate from salmonella... lab testing might work too. 
This virus, along with numerous gram negative bacteria and low temperatures, is associated with snake pneumonia?
Diagnose by serology. May also cause neuro signs, will see inclusion bodies in the brain or internal epithelials. There is no treatment. 
Vitamin A excess causes _____ _____ syndrome.
This aminoglycoside is far more toxic than other types, and can cause renal tubular damage and renal and visceral gout in snakes.
This example of a metabolic bone disease may cause fibrous osteodystrophy, fat legs, reluctance to move, cystic calculi?
Mineralization of soft tissue, especially blood vessels, may follow oversupplementation of reptiles with vitamin _.
Gout, renal disease and renal secondary hyperparathyroidism may follow feeding cat food to iguanas, due to _____ _____ ______
These musculoskeletal problems are common incidental findings in iguanas?
_______ _____ refers to the development of a yolk filled follicle ont he ovary and failure to ovulate. _____ _____ refers to ovulation and egg development, failure to lay.
Try treating with oxytocin or an appropriate laying environment. 
Bearded dragons are rone to development of this illness caused by Chysosporium anamorph of Nanniziopsis vriesii (CANV)
characterize dby multifocal ulcerative/crusting dermatitis 
Name a species of mycoplasma implicated in Tortoise URT disease?
Citrobacter freundii and Beneckeia chitinovora cause this disease in Chelonians, also known as shell rot in the aquatic ones.
This drug is toxic to most chelonians?
Neuro signs, death. 
Poorly stored food in which fat has gone rancid may cause crocodilians to develop deficiency in _____ __?
results in yellow fat disease. 
True or false: Alligators may suffer from west nile virus?

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