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What is the CCWHC?
Of the following four, name the two with a comma between them that affect raptors, along with backyard birds?
Salmonella, Avian pox virus, mycoplasma gallisepticum, west nile virus 
What phage type of Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica is adapted for avian?
Which of the following is untrue about salmonellosis?
a)it can affect all species of birds b)it is potentially zoonotic, and may affect housecats c)it is the most common cause of mortality at bird feeders d)it is primarily spread through tainted seeds purchased by the feeder's owner e)it occurs primarily in winter due to cold stress 
Which of the following statements is true about mycoplasma gallisepticum?
a)it has always been an important pathogen of wild birds, and as of 1994 it has affected domestic poulty b)it can be transmitted only through direct contact c)it causes conjunctivitis d)it is a public health concern e)it is most significant in commercial poultry 
Which of the following is NOT a factor in the transmission of avian pox virus?
a)biting insects b)direct contact with infected bird c)fomites d)all of the above can transmit avipoxvirus 
Name the form of avipoxvirus being described?
fibrinous lesions of serous membranes 
discrete, prolifrative skin lesions most commonly on unfeathered parts of the body 
moist, necrotic lesions on the mucous membranes of the mouth and respiratory tract. 
True or false: poultry may be affected by avipoxvirus?
Why would you not likely treat a wild victim of salmonella or mycoplasma?
True or false: mammals like horses, squirrels and humans are dead end hosts of WNV?
Name a species that is known to have high mortality with WNV?
Which of the following is NOT a reason to keep a clean bird feeder?
A)west nile virus B)salmonella enterica enterica Typhimurium C)Avipoxvirus D)mycoplasma gallisepticum E)all of the above are transmitted by dirty bird feeders  
What toxin types produced by clostridium botulinum are relevant to avians?
_ and _ 
True or false: Certain birds are likely resistant to botulism?
This is the less common toxin type for botulism outbreaks, occuring primarily in great lakes region.
There have also been cases in Alaska, California and France. 
True or false: treatment for type C avian botulism is useless, and rarely attempted.
Which of the following is not an important reservoir for influenza A viruses?
a)ducks b)geese c)shorebirds d)finches e)terns 
Which of the following is not associated with fecal oral transmission?
a)salmonellosis b)west nile virus c)avian influenza d)avian paramyxovirus e)none of the above 
What is the significance of zoonotic disease due to APMV-1?
If it's easier, name the symptom 
Which of the following is associated with spread of paramyxovirus to poultry?
a)arctic tern b)double crested cormorant c)rock pigeon d)b and c e)a and c f)none of the above 
True or false: it is legal to raise 50 layers, 300 broilers or 99 turkeys per year without quota on one premises?
This breed of chicken is genetically programmed for egg production.
What, I say what in tarnation are you hesitating for? 
What two components of a laying hen's diet are most important?
____ and ____ 
True or false: it may take 10% of a laying birds calcium stores (in bone) to lay a single egg?
True or false: commercial broilers are bred to be large and hearty due to their size?
Plymouth Barred Rock and Plymouth White Rock are what kinds of breed?
Cute chicks, easy breeding, fair number of eggs, pretty, disease resistant birds, not very anxious, BUT slow growth, can only eat after entire summer of growth. 
You would be most unwise to house commercial turkeys on ground previously used by chickens. Why?
Name a factor that might cause heart failure and ascites in broilers?
Which of the following is NOT a reportable illness in Canada?
a)Velogenic Newcastle disease b)avian influenza c)salmonella pullorum d)Gumboro/Infectious Bursal Disease e)Salmonella gallinarum 
What is the causative agent of velogenic newcastle disease?
True or false: APMV-1 is synonymous with NDV?
True or false: velogenic NDV may present in a respiratory and neurologic or hemorrhagic edematous form?
Which of the following is NOT a likely differential for VNDV?
a)avian influenza b)Marek's disease c)Fowl cholera d)fungal meningoencephalitis e)Gumboro disease 
What colour is diarrhea associated with Newcastle disease?
True or false: upon infection of a flock with Newcastle disease, the government will eradicate a flock and compensate for feed, birds, crates and disinfection?
True or false: only velogenic APMV-1 is a concern in the poultry industry?
The only type of chicken which is not likely vaccinated with a lentogenic form of APMV-1 in Canada?
True or false: breeding flocks typically get 2-3 live lentogenic boosters then a killed oil emulsion vaccine before entering breeding?
NDV still. 
This is the wild species most affected by mortality due to VNDV.
They tend to present with unilateral or bilateral twitching paralysis, which differentiates from flaccid botulism paralysis. 
True or false: Pigeon PMV-1 may also infect chickens as wtih APMV-1?
How many Hemagglutinin (HA) subtypes nad how many Neuraminidase (NA) subtypes are there associated with avian influenza?
Answer in the form of HA#, NA#. Family orthomyxoviridae 
Reassortment or recombination between two separate strains of virus due to coinfection is called?
Mutation producing a minor change in HA or N and resultant change in antigenicity is termed?
True or false: the majority of avian influenza strains are highly pathogenic (HPAI) strains?
Characterized by nervous, respiratory, diarrhea, marked production drops, finding dead birds. 
True or false: pigeons are an important virus reservoir for avian influenza?
This state has developed a plan to combat spread of influenza in their turkey flocks from abundant waterfowl?
the plan involves serological monitoring, sharing of positive results, voluntar isolation of infected flocks and controlled marketing after recovery. 
True or false: only H5 and H7 strains of a HPAI type are reportable in Canada?
Immunity is determined by what subtype of the AI virus?
True or false: as with vaccination against Newcastle, broilers are not tested for AI in Canada?
What is the causative agent of fowl typhoid?
What disease is associated with salmonella pullorum?
Increasing interest in this has sparked concern for potential of a resurgence in the reportable salmonellas?
What differentiates S. pullorum and S. gallinarum from other gram negative septicemias? How do you tell them apart?
True or false: pullorum disease is often asymptomatic in adults?
What are the major routes of transmission of bacillary white diarrhea?
Aside from white diarrhea, and pyogranulomatous lesions, pullorum disease is associated with yellow viscous fluid especially in THIS joint.
A coppery bronze sheen of the liver would commonly be associated with this species of salmonella on necropsy?
What is the etiology of Infectious Laryngotracheitis?
What form of infectious laryngotracheitis is described?
Unthriftiness, conjunctivitis, sinus swelling,drop in production, recovery after 7-10 days, vaccination can help slow spread through flock. 
Why might one choose to administer TCO over CEO vaccines for IL? Why CEO over TCO?
What is the main sign of Infectious laryngotracheitis at necropsy?
True or false: infectious laryngotracheitis is reportable?
Infectious enterohepatitis is more commonly known as?
These two etiologic agents are associated with pyogranulomatous lesions.
True or false: purple discolouration of the head is specific to blackhead?
Histomoniasis is most common in this species?
What is the agent of blackhead?
Hint: histomoniasis is another name, and the agent is a protozoa carried by chicken cecal worms (Heterakis gallinarum). This is why turkeys can't be kept with chickens or on land that was used for chickens. 
Which of the following would not typically be part of blackhead pathogenesis?
a)secondary peritonitis due to interaction with C perfringens or E coli b)thickening of the cecal wall c)edematous eyelids 'bulls-eye' d)characteristic liver lesions e)sulphur droppings and purple head discolourations 
True or false: beetles, flies, earthworms and beetles may be mechanical vectors for blackhead?
True or false: histostat 50 is an effective treatment for infectious enterohepatitis?
True or false: flipover syndrome or sudden death syndrome of broilers has no known cause?
Type A clostridium perfrigens is the cause of this disease of commercial broilers?
This is typically a sequel to necrotic enteritis caused by the same agent?
True or false: chickens and turkeys may be vulnerable to coccidia that prefer the other species?
What are the three Eimeria spp most improtant to commercial broilers?
Bacterial agents of this disease of very young chicks include e coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa and salmonella spp.
Diarrhea with fecal staining of eggshells, cecal lesions with mats of spiral bacteria are characteristic of?
What type of virus causes Infectious Bursal disease (gumboro)?
This herpesvirus is shed in the feather follicle dander, and is frequently vaccinated against in ovo.
Can also affect peripheral nerves, eyes, brain, may be lymphoproliferative, immunosuppressive, cause neoplasia. 
The typical presentation of Marek's will include?
What is the primary rule out when marek's disease is suspected?
In turkeys this disease may be assocaited with acute fibrinonecrotizing pneumonia similar to shipping fever in cattle?
Infectious corya is caused by this agent.
Acute respiratory disease, nasal discharge, swelling under eyes, sneezing. 
This type of virus causes infectious bronchitis, an acute highly contagious disease of chickens.
Production disease of layng hens, affects broilers at young age. 
This form of avian pox usually is slow spreading, self-limiting and restricted to skin?
This form of avian pox is more rapidly spreading, associated with higher mortality.
This pox virus often produces systemic lesions in high mortality in one specific songbird and other small passerines?

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