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Name a sign associated with beak or oral cavity disease?
What is the likely mycotic infection in the beak and oral cavity?
Capillaria is most likely to parasitically affect this type of bird?
Papillomatous disease, especially in upper GIT and cloaca, are associated with this virus
Candida infection looks quite similar to this other parasitic infection?
Squamous metaplasia of glandular eptihelium in the oral cavity (grossly oral abscessation) is associated with what deficiency?
Thyroid hyperplasia most commonly affects the crop and esophagus by mass effect in what species?
Name a differential diagnosis for thermal burns of the crop or esophagus?
What is the most likely neoplasm of the crop?
True or false: birds are incapable of vomiting?
Which of the following is not a disease or ailment fo the proventriculus or ventriculus?
a)BaFD b)candida c)papillomatosis d)PDD e)lead or zinc ingestion 
What are the common names for macrorhabdus ornithogaster?
Stained with PAS. 
Avian bornavirus causes this disease?
If you perform a PCR on a bird's feces due to suspected intestinal disease, what would you look for most likely?
What clostridial species is most likely to affect bird intestines?
Herpesvirus causes this disease in birds?
Name a virus that might cause viral hepatitis?
What are the three sections of the cloaca, in order from innermost to outermost?
What is a fancy name for poop eating? Take that prefix and put it in front of -deum 
This is the U one, and easiest to remember. acronym is CUP. 
What's a butt doctor called? Suffix is always -deum 
This is the primary nitrogenous waste product in birds?
With renal problems you'd expect increases in these two substances most notably?
True or false: uric acid over 600 umol/L in blood is abnormal in all species of birds?
This disease results from the deposition of uric acid crystals.
What is the term for uric acid crystals surrounded by multinucleate giant cells?
This type of gout is chronic and usually genetic?
This type of gout is end stage renal failure.
This ailment of the kidney is very common in budgies, untreatable, and lameness is primary clinical sign?
Give an example of an exception to the general rule that male birds are 'unequipped'?
True or false: most birds mate by cloacal contact, and females tend to store semen in a gland to fertilize multiple eggs per mating?
On which side do birds have a vestigial oviduct? (One sided development of repro tract)
This is the last choice for egg binding therapy after ovocentesis, cloacal lubrication and hormonal therapies fail?
This is the name for a 'spay' of a bird?
By __ days the yolk sace is basically depleted within the egg shell?
This may be associated with failure to wean, failure to thrive in chicks?
This virus is associated with immunosuppresion due to bursal necrosis in chicks?
This bacteria, associated mainly with gastric ulcers in other species, likes to affect the URT of birds, especially cockatiels.
Mycotic granulomas obstructing the trachea or syringeal area are usually caused by this condition?
DDx include seed foreign body, tracheal mites, trancheal membrane defect 
Open mouth breathing, cyanosis and polycythemia are most likely with this kind of respiratory ailment?
True or false: LRT in macaws can be caused by allergies to cockatoos/cockatiels?
Name a potential cause of feather dystrophy?
These mites are most likely to affect the facial skin of birds?
May also affect feet. 
This virus is most likely to cause lesions around the face and eye?
Which of the following is NOT a cause of beak deformity?
a)neoplasia b)PBFD c)chronic nasal discharge d)metabolic bone disease e)all of the above are legit 
The common name for pododermititis?
Allergic causes of foot necrosis are most common in this type of parrot?
True or false: WNV may be a cause of neuro signs in birds?
Neural migration of this parasite may cause neuro signs?
Name a toxic cause of neuro disease?
True or fasle: PLR tests in birds are complicated by partial voluntary control?
Top two differentials for pigeon neuro signs? (name one)
True or false: avian bone fractures are often open?
Bandaging and splinting are both this type of method of fracture repair?
True or false: you should always culture open fractures at surgical repair time?
Which organ of the digestive tract secretes acid?
This is the 'self renewing sandpaper' that lines the ventriculus?
true or false: food moves back and forth between the ventriculus and the proventriculus?
True or false: birds have countercurrent flow of air and blood?
How many lobes in an avian liver?
This is the section of the cloaca which oviducts and vas deferens open into?
Rod shaped granules of eosinophilic character characterize this granulocyte?
Eccentric nuclei and lower N/C ratio are characteristic of this cell compared to the lymphocyte?
The medical term for a bulging outwards of the eye?
Elevations in AST, CK and GLDH indicate what in avian patients?
True or false: crumbly keratin of the beak can be secondar to liver disease?
Which gender of cockatoo has terrifying dark red eyes?
What is the adorable nickname given to friendly cockatoos that love to cuddle?
Which of the following would you not associate with zinc toxicity in birds?
a)melena b)comiting c)hypercalcemia d)renal nephrosis e)pancreatitis 
You would generally associate weakness, tremors and blindness with this kind of poisoning?
lead is toxic starting at __ppm, zinc at _ppm?
__, _ (hint: zinc= 10x lead concentration) 
For PCR to identify PBFD (circovirus), polyoma or mycobacteria, _____ is best.
True or false: many older canaries have hyperkeratosis of the legs for no particular reason?
What are three differentials for uropygial gland dysfunction? (name one, get all three)
What bird am I describing? It looks like a small parrot, mainly green with blue tips of wings and a pink face?
What general colouration is the head and belly of Fischer's lovebird (back is green, tail and wing tips dark green.)
True or false: persistent shedding may occur with PBFD?
Which species is most commonly affected by PBFD?
What is the treatment for PBFD?
French moult, budgie runners and budgerigar fledgling disease are all slang for?
Especially affects wings and tail 
if you have two clients, an aviary owner and their customer, and the aviary is infected with PBFD...
Can you legally warn their customer? 
Blunting of choanal papillae and small glandular abscesses are classical signs of?

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