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Which of the following orders would you associate with pigeons and doves?
a)psittaciformes b)passeriformes c)columbiformes d)none of the above 
True or false: parrots are the most popular pet birds?
In what year was the wild bird conservation act passed in the USA?
To prevent high mortality during quarantines, welfare concerns, environmental damage and import of foreign diseases, particularly Newcastle? 
What organization banned the import of wild birds in 2007?
What classification is given to endangered birds under the Convention on Internatioanl Trade in Endangered Species?
CITES 2 birds are of concern if trade were uncontrolled, and a permit is required for _____.
Which of the following psitacine species would require CITES documentation?
a)peach faced lovebird b)budgie c)cockatiel d)African Grey parrot e)ring necked parakeet 
Aside from CITES, name the other major Canadian law covering bird imports?
True or false: the most lenient way a pet bird might be brought cross boarder from the states involves health inspection and declared ownership?
Under CFIA improt regulations, what is the quarantine period, and what are the birds usually treated for just in case?
Treatment is chlortetracycline or doxycycline. 
What disease is the primary reason for the importation quarantine?
For the protection of the poultry industry. 
Which of the following is not characteristic of psittacine birds?
a)small hooked bills b)zygodactylous feet c)seed feeding d)cavity nesting e)monogamy 
These birds hail originally from an island nameda fter them, and are yellow, often with black markings, always with short beaks.
Triangular, often colourful beaks distinguish these small birds of the order passeriformes?
Of the order passeriformes, these are the most likely pet birds to talk?
True or false: there are multiple types of African Grey parrots?
This bird is a small psitaccine with a long tail, a dark red curved beak, small beady eyes and a black ring around its neck. What is it likely?
Lime green colour, clear talkers. 
What is the main difficulty making Lories and Lorikeets messy to keep?
These are the smaller of the crested pet birds we commonly deal with.
Hailing from Australia, the lutino colour mutation (yellow with red cheeks) is popular. 
Probabl the most common avian pet. Most commonly seen in greens, blues nad yellows with black stripes. V. short beaks.
This macaw has black stripes on its face, a yellow belly and a blue-green back and tail?
Relatively common in central and south america in the wild. 
True or false: cockatoos are abundant in the wild, and rarely bred in captivity?
Also known as monk parakeets, these are green with pale grey heads and chests, and feral populations are found in the southern states?
This bird is distinguished from the scarlet macaw by the red stripes on its face.
Biggest beak of the macaws. 
What group of psitacines would most be characterized by dustyness due to powder down?
This largest of psittacines is not recommended for casual owners, and is apparently the colour of a blue flower?
True or false: smaller parrots such as the yellow headed amazon may still live over 90 years?
True or false: pelleted food should make up under 30% of a parrot's diet?
Which of the following is not a problem you would associate with seed junkie-ism in parrots?
a)atherosclerosis b)obesity c)vitamin A deficiency d)iodine deficiency e)hypercalcemia 
What metal ought be avoided in picking a cage?
What ought be the minimum number of hours of darkness for a bird?
Which of the following is not a common training goal for a parrot?
a)step up b)No vs OK c)fetch d)towelling and manipulation e)talking 
Which of the following is not a common behavioural problem of birds?
a)biting b)screaming c)destroying your **** d)feather pecking, self mutilation e)juvenile or sexual behaviour f)Inflexibility g)one person bird attitute h)all of the above are problems. 
True or false: destructiveness in parrots is a true behavioural problem due to lack of stimulation in the cage?
Name a sign of pair bonding with the owner in a parrot?
What syndrome in male cockatoos is associated with continued juvenile behaviour?
True or false: most pet avian species are sexually dimorphic?
True or false: the presence of a a Y chromosome makes a male parrot?
True or false: most sick birds are sicker than they appear?
Which of the following is not a clinical sign of a sick bird?
a)hyperactivity b)anorexia c)fluffed appearance d)inability to perch e)partially closed eyes, sleepy appearance 
Wings held far from the body, tendency to keep the mouth open and nasal discharge would all indicate what kind of problem?
True or false: three waste products are passed simultaneously from the cloaca?
Why are budgie feces more solid than parrot feces?
Name an indication of a high risk patient (for routine restraint and PE)?
Which part of a small bird should not be held firmly when restraining a small bird in one hand?
a)head b)sternum c)wings d)legs e)all of the above need firm pressure 
True or false: heavy gloves are recommended for use with psittacines in restraint?
What is the easiest place to move the subcutis and feel resistance to indicate hydration?
True or false: there is an opening connecting the roof of the mouth of your parrot patient to the sinuses. This is a cleft palate! Operate!
________ muscle mass is often best to estimate body condition?
This gland is found on the back of the bird, but not all species have it?
True or false: some mild feather soiling is normal in the healthy bird around the cloaca?
True or false: It is very difficult to palpate the abdomen of the bird?
Name a method of weight a bird?
PCR testing is generally not used for which of the following ailments?
a)psittacosis b)bornavirus/proventricular dilation disease c)polyomavirus d)leukocytozoon e)mycobacteriosis 
True or false: you can take 10% of body weight in blood from most avian species?
How much blood can you take from a 20g canary, as a maximum?
Name a site for blood collection in avian species?
In what species group would you be most likely to collect from the leg vein?
For this method of blood collection, hematomas are especially common and large, and the patient should be anesthetized?
True or false: the wedge technique is recommended for producing avian blood smears, as with small animals?
What is the most common cause of anemia in birds?
Other than dehydration, what might Polycythemia be a sign of?
True or false: Avian RBCs are biconcave, although they do have a nucleus.
True or false: Coulter Counters will not work on avian rbcs?
This dye is used to stain and count eosinophilic granulocytes (heterophils and eosinophils).
Which of the following is NOT a toxic change you'd associate with heterophils?
a)larger granules, reduced in number b)abnormally shaped granules c)increased numbers of large granules d)any of the above may appear 
The proximal tibiotarsus or sternum are the most likely sites for collection of what?
Heterophils peak at __ hours in acute inflammation, monocytes peak at _ days.
Heterophil enzymes do not liquefy debris as mammalian neutrophils do. Hence, _____ debris is expected rather than _______.
If a granuloma with a core of heterophils and a capsule of multinucleate giant cellsf orms, it is _______.
If a granuloma that is a solid mass of macrophages and giant cells forms, this is ______.
Non-suppurative inflammation in the autonomic nerves and ganglia of the GIT is characteristic lesion of what disease?
True or false: an increase in biliverdin production is likely to lead to jaundice in birds after biliverdin reductase does its work?
Elevation of these is sensitive and specific for hepatobiliar function in birds. Fast raptors, not parrots.
Maximum size of the Thymus is attained at __ weeks of age. Involution follows.
Maturation of T cells, later recolonization by B cells, behaviour as secondary lymphoid organ. 
This is a saccular organ in the dorsal wall of cloaca.
4-12 weeks of age reaches maximum size, involutes after. Antibody diversity, functional B cells. 
Name a routine vaccine for parrots?
True or false: long exposure times are best for avian species?
What species would be routinely vaccinated for paramyxovirus I, S. typhimurium and the pox relevant to the species?
Upon VD radiography, you identify a coelomic mass. What is this likely to be?
A swelling in the bottom half of the 'hourglass' appearance of the abdomen beyond lateral borders of acetabulae like indicates?
The gizzard is a slang term for this organ, in which you may see small amounts of grit in healthy bird.
The presence of these makes ultrasound limited in use in most birds (except hepatomegaly, ascites and cardiac cases)
The air sacs provide constant pneumatization and eliminate the need for ______?
This is the key entry point for single puncture into air sacs. You can gain access to cranial thoracic or abdominal air sacs.
Inject where the flexor cruris muscle crosses the last rib. 
The cranial thoracic airsack is _____ and _____ in relation to the caudal thoracic.
the abdominal air sac is in the opposite of these two directions relative to the caudal thoracic. 
What is the most likely technique for birds anesthesia?
_____ induction and intubation with _______ 
If you essentially tape the patient to a restraint board, this is called what?
Historically, avian restraint has moved from physical, to isoflurane to what?
As size ______, metabolic rate _____ (think hummingbirds)
____, ____ 
True or false: there are the three aforementioned pairs of air sacs and two lungs, and that's all?
The inspired air moves into the _____ air sacs, the ____ on first expiration, the ____ air sacs on second inspiration,and out on the second expiration.
This enlarged portion of the esophagus precedes the stomach (or proventriculus) in most avian species.
If full may cause regurgitation without prior fasting, during anesthesia. 
What class of premedication is contraindicated in birds although it is common in animals?
I will also take an example drug. 
What anatomical difference between mammals and birds makes cuffed endotracheal tubes inadvisible in avian patients?
This type of respiratory monitor fits a sensor next to the endotracheal tube, makes a sound with each breath.
They may make you aware of apnea via an alert... 
Use of this unit for heart monitoring is preferred to EKG and oximetry monitoring?
Name a reason why recovery might be significantly delayed from anesthesia in avian patients?
In an emergency situation, you may intubate into one of these air sacs to bypass the deadspace of the trachea?
Why is attempting to assess pyrexia in avian patients usually not done?
As a rough guide, body temperature should be over this many *C.
Which of the following is a pre-treatment, not STAT sample?
a)electrolytes and glucose b)PCV and TP c)blood zinc d)calcium 
Name an indication for radiography early on?
Name one of the three top priorities in stabilizing a critical avian patient.
True or false: with a broken and bleeding pin feather, you should treat by ripping it out in its entirety.
Why should styptic powders be used only with great caution in avian patients?
These two things are recommended with internal hemorrhage? (name one and get both)
This popular pet bird species is especially prone to aspiration?
This most common cause of tremor and seizure is reversed with calcium gluconate?
You can also stop seizures with midazolam or diazepam 
When in doubt, you shoudl assume this deficit dehydration in a sick bird?
What is the best method for rapid rehydration in severe need?
The daily maintenance requirement of avian patients in mL/kg/day?
Multiples of five in range accepted 
If a bird is _______, never use oral fluids. If they are likely to _____ it's also contraindicated.
Which of the following would be an appropriate maximum tube feed volume for a cockatiel?
a)1-3 mL b)3-6mL c)15-35mL d)20-40mL e)35-60mL 
You should take this daily to adjust your feeding rates appropriately?
True or false: a figure eight bandage is appropriate for shoulder or humeral injuries?
If the PCV is in 10-15 range, you might perform this?
This is the most commonly used opioid for birds at OVC. The most commonly used NSAID?
What is the treatment for lead or zinc poisoning?
The most common oral admiistration of drugs is?
The most common site for IM injection?
Why do you avoid the neck and shoulder for SQ injections?

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