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Badly Translated LineSongReal Lyric
Door, red and black for (Rolling Stones)
Now my goal in life, you must be careful (The Beatles)
Chinese space have Stalin the soul of reason (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
The spirit of the agreement is approved (Aerosmith)
If you (Jackson 5)
I do not know how (Kinks)
Products, especially at night (Elton John)
I think the strawberries, he said (The Beatles)
I am straight and I want to explain (The Beach Boys)
Badly Translated LineSongReal Lyric
Regional cute idol (Gorillaz)
If you like swimming with Alpine swimming Alpine (David Bowie)
London is a great opportunity for people in remote forests (The Clash)
Add half the butter, but I heard my father Laurie (from a movie)
Autobirds, snakes, Earthquakes (R.E.M.)
This is a total Kunzhongiundong 09:00 (Billy Joel)
Red tears, environment and development (The Byrds)
If you can not teach (Pink Floyd)
Tomorrow, God knows that I do not like. But it seems very strange. (Ice Cube)

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