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Badly Translated LineSongReal Lyric
You should rule the world's oceans, he, he (Coldplay)
It seems out that each can be a problem (The Beatles)
Kilometer, play dumb (Jimi Hendrix)
That drag the ages (Rolling Stones)
Well, a bit hidden in the night, the evil darkness (Michael Jackson)
For more information, or not (Frank Sinatra)
Well, I do not think (U2)
Steve, attention walking down the street, narrow road (Queen)
Certainly, Maggie (Rod Stewart)
Badly Translated LineSongReal Lyric
I Spy: I am not sleeping (The Beatles)
Bulukelin good coherence (Jay-Z)
If you go to the point where they study (Elton John)
you got your ball i got your series documenting the voices again (Dave Matthews Band)
Come and learn how to apologize (Coldplay)
My heart, my friend, happy (Nirvana)
I sat in the park and I think that one quarter of July (Chicago)
Not because I know very little (Goo Goo Dolls)
I like the old story (The Verve)

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