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Can you name the characters who have appeared in the mainstream of DC Comics and the Vertigo imprint?

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Early friend of Swamp Thing, member of the Trenchcoat Brigade
Child magician of epic proportions
Master of the Red
Defender of the Parliament of Trees
A brain in a hunk of metal
Known as the Sandman, member of the Endless
Fights crime with a sleeping-gas gun
Owner of the M-Vest
Confederate General's ghost who haunts a tank
Has formed a partnership with the Spectre in the past, can tell the future with her tarot cards
Her many alter egos include Suzy, Alba, and Flora
Hails from Arlington National Cemetery
Unpredictable member of the Trenchcoat Brigade
Earliest fictional character still in the DC shared universe, member of the Trenchcoat Brigade
Member of the Endless, a guide of sorts
Master of espionage
Member of the Trenchcoat Brigade with a clouded past
Leader of the Doom Patrol... mostly
Originally a Quality Comics character, can summon historical or mythological figures
The spirit of a deceased trapeze artist
Mother of Tefé Holland
Brother of Anton Arcane, member of the Un-Men
Hellblazer's only surviving ally
Based on the First Murderer, a host of House of Mystery
Hero of the Wild West, with a scar to prove it
Human forced to live with a demon inside of him
Can resurrect from any fatal wound inflicted by his brother
Says her spells backwards, lover of Constantine
An ex-police officer with a passion for the 1960s
The poster-hero of Astro City

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