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'Paper, Snow...
'Cooh, don't blame the pretty lady...
Are you in there little foetus, in 9 months will you come greet us...
Ho Ho Holy Crap..
Here it is buddy-boy, you hide my clothes...
It starts at 8, we cant be late
Hey Phoebe, Chandler, Moni...whoa
This whole thing was my idea
Its alright for you, you dont have to walk around sporting some reject from..
You guys wanna grab some coffee?
We were inseperable, the other guys had a nickname for us...
You don't like Ice cream?
The Person in that picture is Chuck Mangione
You're on Janice Camera
Its such a small world
I just want to be married again
bum bum bum.. dont take no for an answer..bum bum bum
Here's something new and blue..
Why is 10 the highest?

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