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Can you name the trivia questions from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (book)?

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Where does Mr. Dursley work
What kind of sweet does Dumbledore offer McGonagall
Who lent Hagrid the motorcycle
How many presents does Dudley get for his birthday
Where was the boa constrictor at the zoo from
How many letters did Hogwarts send Harry
What school was Harry supposed to be going to
Who wrote A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration
Name of the goblin who takes Harry and Hagrid down to the vaults in Gringotts
How many Knuts to a Galleon
Who does Harry meet inside Madam Malkin's
Who goes through the barrier at platform 9 3/4 first
What Chocolate Frog card is Ron missing
Who finds Neville's toad
The first Ravenclaw student to be sorted
Where did the sorting hat put Harry
How many points did Snape take off Harry in the first class
What did Neville's grandmother send him
What class is Oliver Wood in the first time Harry meets him
What Muggle sport does Harry compare Quidditch to
What spell does Ron use on the trolls club
Who is the Slytherin seeker in Harry's first match
How many points did Gryffindor beat Slytherin by
Last name of the Hogwarts librarian
What was Harry's Christmas present from the Dursley's
Where was the first place Harry travelled with the Invisibility Cloak
Who catches Harry on his third trip to the Mirror of Erised
How old is Nicolas Flamel
What type of dragon in Norbert
Who caught Harry and Hermione after they got rid of Norbert
What color is unicorn blood
Who is the first centaur that Harry, Hermione, and Hagrid meet
What did Hermione get on her Charms exam
The first protection of the Sorcerer's Stone
... The Second
... The Third
... The Fourth
... The Fifth
... The Sixth
... Finally

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