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Can you name the star fox characters by quote?

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How to PlayForced Order
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Do a Barrel Roll!
Stick to The pond froggie!
That was so easy it was almost boring
Never Give up trust your instincts!
Those tin cans are no match for me!
Great now i guess i owe you
Mission Complete!
We Will Save Saruia!
The self destruct program is complete!
Daddy screamed real good before he died
Can't let you do that star fox!
You are a fool to anger me bird you must have a death wish
Andross has declared war!
Just like old times eh fox?
Oh I knew you Would Come
I feel both anger and fear. It is unusual. It has been so long since I felt these things
You're right. Without all the spirits the magic cannot be channeled back into the planet
Location Confirmed Sending Supplies
Whew! Thanks fox I thought they had me!(oh we wish they did )
Beutiful i Could Kiss you for that!

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