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The name of the sequel Yogurt hopes to meet everyone in
The combination to the air shield
One of two roles Mel Brooks played
One of two roles Mel Brooks played
'Lightspeed is too slow! We need to go to...
'It's Spaceball One! They went straight to...
The flavor of jam Lone Starr used
The side of the Schwartz Dark Helmet got
The Prince Vespa was to marry
The name of Lone Starr's Winnebago
How Pizza the Hutt died
Where Yogurt found the ring
The man who birthed the alien had this at the cafe
'I'm a mawg, half man, half dog. I'm...
What was Lone Starr's necklace?
The bumper sticker on the Winnebago says:
Dark Helmet's relation to Lone Starr
He operates the beaming apparatus
Pizza the Hutt's bounty on Lone Starr was...
The actor who has the alien burst from his stomach (as a parody of another role of his)
The song the alien sings
What the man says when the alien bursts from his stomach

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