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'It's just not _ ____ if it's not firing out of both ends!'
What is the name of the Janitor's band?
What does Janitor use as a pepper shaker?
Vanilla Bear, Chocolate Bear and...?
What is the name of Kelso's dog?
Name one of Enid Kelso's nicknames
What was Turk supposed to ask Kelso for?
What drug is advertised all over the hospital (on shirts, cups, etc)?
Ted has stress-induced...
What does the Todd call a steak?
What does Kenny (Clay Aiken) sing to win the talent show?
What nickname follows Elliot to her new hospital?
What movie were Turk's wedding vows stolen from?
'Paging Dr. Backbone to the _______ ward!'
How much shorter than Rowdy was Stephen?
What is Elliot's political orientation?
What does JD call the unicorn on his journal?
What do JD and Turk put in the shower head to mess with Hooch?
Whose lab does Dr. Cox destroy?
What nickname does Danni give to JD's 'unmentionables'?

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