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Can you name the the trivia about a select amount of xbox 360 games?

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What is the main character's name in dead space?Dead Space is brutal! Brutally Awesome
What saying was bioshock famous for?if you dont know this, you haven't played Bioshock
Who does the voice for the Joker in Mass Effect?robot chicken!
There is an announcer on SSX 3 for 'Crash FM'. What Xbox 360 game is the same announcer in?His name is DJ Atomika in this Xbox game.
What is Dave Walsh's MLG gamertag on Halo 3?this one's hard, only true game geeks know this.
who is missing from the Halo 3: ODST characters list?The Rookie, Buck, Dare, Mickey, Romeo, and who?
What is the dog's name who can be a follower in Fallout 3?cmon, woof woof?
Salem and Rio are two characters from what game?no hints, hehe.
Which Nirvana song was on the original Rock Band 2 song list?play more rock band
Which city is Alan Wake set in?There is a short series about it.
What car does Ken Block drive in Dirt 2?he now drives a Ford, but what did he used to drive...
Who published the game Split/Second?Walt.
Why are people living in the Metros in Metro 2033?
Where does Grand Theft Auto 4 take place?Looks like New York
Which game won best Xbox 360 game of the year 2009?from spike TV VGAs.
Who was on the cover of NHL 2009?He is a good hitter.
Whose riddles have to be figured out in Batman Arkham Asylum?Duh
In Bioshock 2, Which enemy makes a horrific screech?ahhhhh!
What does V in P.E.V from splinter cell conviction stand for?Prepare, Execute and_____________
What was the first DLC game add on for Battlefield Bad Company 2?Its a map pack

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