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follow thisenter here
In the year _____
while flying over the atlantic ocean, _______(name of main character)
survives a plane crash and boards a ____________ in a lighthouse.
This brings him to an underwater city called _________.
Later, he finds out this city was made by billionaire, _________.(name)
Aided by _________,(name)
the main character uses a special needle so he can use ___________,
which requires constant refills of eve using ____________.
He uses this to fend off __________(type of enemy)
follow thisenter here
and __________ accompanied by little sisters.
Soon after killing the creator, you find out that your aide is really ____________,(6's alter ego)
and was commanding you by just asking nicely by saying ___________________,
and that you were the one that caused the _________
When you wake up after hearing all of this, you are surrounded by ____________
and brigid tenenbaum, who helped develop the ______ that everyone is after.
after doing some other things with tenenbaum, you have to find parts to a ______________ to wear.
and then you fight frank fontaine and the __________ save you from death.
good ending - you go up to the surface and raise the little sisters as they should be. Bad ending - you rule rapture evil like. THE ____!

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