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What language is Chad's tattoo in?
How many fraccion does Grimmjow have?
What arrancar did Ikkaku fight while defending the Four Pillars?
What is the name of Yukio's Fullbring?
What is Tsukishima's first name?
What color are Riruka's eyes?
Which shinigami enjoys writing haiku?
Who is the vice-president of the Shinigami Men's Association?
Which division does Harunobo Ogido belong to?
Who is Karakura Yellow in the Karakura Superheroes?
What is Ichigo's blood type?
What is Ichigo's rank at school?
What is Orihime's brother's name?
When is Yoruichi's birthday?
Who was the 12 division's captain before Kisuke?
Where does Renji get his sunglasses?
What number Hado is Shakkaho?
Who is the 8th seat of the 4th division?
What was Ukitake's original hair color?
What is the currency of Soul Society?

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