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What is the name of two headed goat that appeared in 'Attack of the Killer App'?
Who voices the character of Amy Wong?
What is the organization that Professor Farnsworth and Hermes form to protest Bender's appearances on TV?
What does Mom want the robots to do for Mother's Day?
When Fry, Leela, and Bender are fired and have to use their old career chips, what career does Bender have?
What is the color of the other Amy's sweatpants in 'The Farnsworth Parabox'?
What does Bender become in 'Anthology of Interest II'?
What musical instrument is the Robot Devil often seen playing?
What century is Futurama set in?
What is the name of the film that Zoidberg, Calculon, and Uncle Harold Zoid star in?
What is sex called on Amazonia?
What is Bender's name after he gets a sex change in 'Bend Her'?
What is the name of Futurama's 'Twilight Zone'-like program?
What is Kif's homeworld?
What are Mom's children disguised as in 'Bender's Game' in order to steal the crystal?
What town was Bender manufactured in?
What is the 'bead' traded with the martians on Mars for the other half of the planet?
Who vomits up stylish pearls in 'Bendin' in the Wind'?
What is considered a mental illness (causing Fry to be sent to a Robot Insane Asylum?
Where does Fry meet Bender?
What animals are released onto the blernsball field in 'A Leela of Her Own'?
What is Leela's uniform number in 'A Leela of Her Own'?
Name one of Bender's wrestling names in 'Raging Bender'?
What grade is Hermes at the beginning of 'How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back'?
What grade is Hermes at the end of 'How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back'?
Who saves the crew on Wormulon in 'Fry and the Slurm Factory'?
What sea animal does Fry work with in 'Bender's Big Score'?
Name one of the people present at Amy's doctoral dissertation other than Amy and Farnsworth
What planet are troops deployed to in 'War is the H-Word'?
What color is Nibbler's cape?
Who is the captain of the Nimbus?
Who does Bender call to bail him out of jail in 'Proposition Infinity'?
What is the first were-car's name?
What was the first (rejected) name for Popplers?
What is the Professor's clone's name?
How many leaves does Fry's clover have?
Name the episode where Nibbler was found?
What is the name of the Planet Express janitor?
Who is Fry's old girlfriend from the year 2000?
How many people come to Zoidberg's birthday party in 'Time Keeps on Slippin''?

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