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Can you name the missing word in the titles of the following novels?

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Angle of _______1971
Far From the ________ Crowd1874
Farewell, My _______1940
The _______ Lightness of Being1984
What Maisie ________1897
Gravity's ________1973
The _______ of Lammermoor1819
_______ and Lovers1913
Love Among the _______1953
Our _______ Friend1865
The ________ of Strangers1981
_______ in August1932
The Blind _______2000
The _______ on the Floss1860
In the Skin of a _______1987
Even _______ Get the Blues1976
Haroun and the _______ of Stories1990
The Moon is a Harsh _______1966
The _______ and the Dead1948
The _______ Daughter1972
The Heart is a Lonely _______1940
To the _______1927
_______ of Cancer1934
The _______ Teacher2007
Remembrance of Things _______1927
The Age of _________1920
The _______ of All Flesh1903
The House of the _______ Gables1851
The _______ of Solitude2003
_______ Business1970
Pale _______1962
Howards _______1910
_______ is the Night1934
A Good Man in _______1981
Death Comes for the _______1927
Sister _______1900
Under _______ Eyes1911
Lucky _______1954
Behind the Scenes at the _______1995
The Torrents of _______1926
The Life and _______ of Tristram Shandy1759
Portnoy's _______1969

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