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QUIZ: Events from 'A divided union: Civil Rights in the USA 1945-74'

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Forced Order
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 War Powers Act passed
 McCarthy claims 200 communists in State Dep.
 March on Washington
 Berkeley Free Speech Movement
 Hollywood Ten jailed
 Five Burglars arrested at Watergate complex
 Afro-American Unity
 McCarran Act
 Nixon Resigns
 Status Commission Report on Women
 Congress vote to Impeach Nixon
 James Meredith case
 Womens Liberation picket Miss World
 Nixon hands over the tapes
 Roe vs. Wade Decision
 Students for a Democratic Society
 Federal Employee Loyalty program
 Phyllis Schlafly STOP ERA campaign
 Black Panther Party established
 Nashville Sit-ins
 Budget Act
 Hiss case
 Rosenburgs Case
 Selma campaign for voting rights
 Martin Luther King Assassinated
 Malcolm X Assassinated
 Greensboro sit-in
 Letter from Birmingham Jail
 Rosa Parks Supreme Court Decision
 Montgomery Buss Boycott
 USSR gains atomic bomb
 China becomes communist
 Feminine Mystique
 Voting Rights Act
 March on Birmingham
 Watts Race Riots in LA
 CORE begins Freedom Rides
 Race Riots
 MLK 'I have a dream'
 Height of Anti-Vietnam after Tet Offensive
 Kent State Student Protestors killed
 Stokeley Carmichael elected to SNCC
 Brown vs Board of Education
 Nixon elected second time
 Freedom Summer
 Army-McCarthy TV hearings
 Little Rock Incident
 Civil Rights Act
 NOW established

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