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Allied bombing of Dresden
Nazi invasion of Poland
Dawes Plan
Spartacist Revolt
French Invasion of Ruhr/Ruhr Crisis
Stresemann Chancellor
6m Unemployed
Army oath to Hitler
Wall Street Crash
Hitler becomes Chancellor
League of Nations
Night of the Long Knives
Reichstag fire & decree
Von Schleicher Chancellor
Hitler suicides
Kellogg-Briand Pact Signed
Hinderburg elected President
Mein Kampf
Munich Putsch
Passive Resistance
Kapp Putsch
July Bomb Plot
Four Year Plan
Kaiser abdicates
Konkordat with Pope
Hindenburg President, again
Nazi youth compulsory
**** President
Stresemann Foreign Minister
Unemployment down to 1m
Enabling Act
**** dies
Nuremberg Laws
Armistice signed
Berlin Olympics
Wannsee & Final Solution
Jewish store boycott
Bruning Chancellor
Von Papen Chancellor
Young Plan
Galen opposed T4 Euthanasia
Weimar Constitution
Treaty of Versailles
Jews put in Ghettos
Strength through Joy
Locano Treaty
Hindenburg dies

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