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Forced Order
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1966Adam West
1978Christopher Reeve
1980Gene Hackman
1983Richard Pryor
1984Faye Dunaway
1987Margot Kidder
1989Kim Basinger
1989Dolph Lundgren
1990Liam Neeson
1991Timothy Dalton
1992Danny DeVito
1994Alec Baldwin
1995Jim Carrey
1996Billy Zane
1997Michael Jai White
1997Uma Thurman
1998Stephen Dorff
2000William H. Macy
2000Halle Berry
2000Bruce Willis
2002Wesley Snipes
2002Tobey Maguire
2003Colin Farrell
2003Patrick Stewart
2003Eric Bana
2003Sean Connery
2004John Hurt
2004John Travolta
2004Alfred Molina
2004Ryan Reynolds
2005Christian Bale
2005Michael Chiklis
2005Kurt Russell
2005Jennifer Garner
2005Stephen Rea
2006Ian McKellen
2006Brandon Routh
2006Eddie Izzard
2006Tim Allen
2007Eva Mendes
2007Topher Grace
2007Laurence Fishburne (voice)
2007Jason Lee (voice)
2008Robert Downey, Jr.
2008William Hurt
2008Will Smith
2008Ron Perlman
2008Heath Ledger
2008Ray Stevenson
2008Samuel L. Jackson
2009Patrick Wilson
2009Woody Harrelson
2009Liev Schreiber
2010Don Cheadle
2010Nicolas Cage

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