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Can you name the Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Characters?

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HintWalking Dead (PC) Character
Main Protagonist of The Walking Dead: Season One
Young Girl Cared for by Main Protagonist
Farmer that Gives Shelter to Main Protagonist
Son of Farmer, Killed by Walkers During Fence Patch Job
Friend of Farmer's Son
Friend of Farmer's Son, Police Officer
Father of Young Boy, Taken in By Farmer
Wife of Above Character
Son of Above Two Characters
Helps Distract Walkers Using TV Remote
Old Man with a Heart Condition
Daughter of Above Character
Female Character, Good with a Gun
Wears Ball Cap, Leaves to Aid Friends in Atlanta
HintWalking Dead (PC) Character
High School Teacher, Gets Leg Stuck in Bear Trap
Student of Above, Made Deal with Bandits
Friend of the Above, Killed by Walkers, or by Rifle
Son of Farmer's Wife, Lives in House Supported by Electric Fence
Brother of the Above Character, Aids You When Searching for Bandits
Mother of the Above Two Characters
Friend of Protagonist, is Eaten by Cannibals
Old Man Who Lives in Train Car
Helps Protagonist Cut Down Tanker
Pregnant Wife of the Above Character
Cancer Survivor, Steals Boat From Protagonist
Friend of the Above, Killed During Crawford Raid
Uses Bells to Lure Walkers From Place to Place
Kidnaps Young Girl, Attempts to Kill Protagonist

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