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What is the cell body of a neuron called?
A neuron's nucleus is missing what structure?
Where are ribosomes located in neurons?
Axon terminals are also called what?
segment where collective effects of receptor segment can trigger an AP?
segment that senses, recieves, and integrates impulses
segment that release Ach
the cell body of a sensory neuron
channel that opens up by some kind of demfority (pressure, temperatur, chemical stimulus)
solid part of the spinal cord around T12/L1
the conus medularis leads into?
non nervous fivers apart of covering of spinal cord, anchor the cord down
how many spinal segments are there?
how many spinal nerves are there?
how many vertebrae are there?
most superficial covering of the spinal cord
what is the most superficial lamina?
what is the deepest lamina?
what is the largest lamina?
Laminae I-IV receive ____ afferents
laminae V-VI receive ____ afferent
extensive ascending, descending, proprospinal connections
propriospinal interneruons, descending connections
lamina with alpha and gamma neurons
lamina around the central canal
Ascending tracts going from somatic receptors from spinal cord/brain stem are ____ orders
Ascending tracts going from somatic receptors from spinal cord/brain stem are ____ orders
Ascending tracts going from thalamus to primary somatosensory area are ____ orders
pathway responsible for conscious proprioception and tactile sensations
being able to identify an object by touch with eyes close
pathway conveying tickle, itch, crude touch
pathway conveying pain and temparature
pathway conveying proprioceptive info with only first and second order neurons
convey proprioceptive info from trunk and lower extremities
convey proprioceptive info from trunk and upper extremities

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