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scene desciptionmovie
A posh girl gets propositioned with a banana.
French bloke goes into someones prison cell to give em a blowy then cuts his throat with a razor between his teeth.
New York City covered in snow, wolves in Manhattan, container ship in the city.
Stoner guy infiltrates massive weed farm and goes wild. '**** THE POLICE'
feathered freinds kill people
Nutter bloke cuts off police mans ear
A few men kill loads of men back in history (all really buff)
Some big bloke takes ages deciding what weapon to use while killing his would be rapist. All the time some other big chap is getting his fudge packed downstairs by a copper while t
Chick gets stabbed in shower (nuddy)
Baby with revolving head crawls along the ceiling
Two men have naked brawl through hotel disturbing a conference. PENIS
Rose petals fall on naked blonde chick

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