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curb stomp 'dont steal my car, i am racist'
little girl shoots this guy in central park from the top of a building... paintball
theres this magical guy and this bad wizard and this rock makes you live forever
this girl from kansas is on acid and trips out, meets three cracked friends and some witches
these midgets do a jewellery heist and have to hide the swag in a volcano, quest with their wacky mates
fat lass has hers dads kids and fried chicken
these hippies broadcast love music from sea
two cool cats who like metal have a local access tv show SHERWINGGGGGGG
japanese chap has to have a ladal up his anus to get a boner.
cool guys goes mental unit meets this indian who is massive
deleted memory, silly girlfriend
that bloke is dead all along
'why dont you just make 10 louder?'
this chap with a speach impedement boxes these guys

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