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DescriptionCharacterNotable Quotes
Brings news of the traitor, the Thane of Cawdor; cousin to Macduff
Examines Lady Macbeth during the sleepwalking scene
Hired by Macbeth to eliminate Banquo
'Manipulated by Weird Sisters; becomes King of Scotland
Her husband runs to England; in his absence, she is killed
A bloody child; tells that none of woman born can harm Macbeth.
A Weird Sister; prophesies that Macbeth will become king
Elderly citizen who offers wisdom to Macduff and Ross
A crowned child with a tree; prophesies that Macbeth will only be harmed when Birnam Forest comes to Dunsinane.
Slain offstage in Act II; his death is the beginning of Macbeth's foul play
A Weird Sister; 'Eye of newt and toe of frog/ Wool of bat and tongue of dog.'
Drunken doorkeeper; provides humour preceding discovery of the King's death.
Attendant to the Macbeths; informs Macbeth that the English army is marching on Scotland
Attendant of Lady Macbeth; discusses her condition with a doctor
Urges her husband to commit murder; sleepwalks and finds imaginary blood on her hands in Act V
Captain and friend of Macbeth; Brutally murdered in Act III
A Scottish lord; 'Now does he feel his secret murders sticking upon his hands...'
DescriptionCharacterNotable Quotes
Killed along with his mother
A Scottish lord; 'The English power is near, led on by Malcolm.'
An armed head; warns Macbeth of Macduff
Appears in Act 4; Informs Malcolm and Macduff on Macbeth's health
A Scottish lord; serves Macbeth
Younger son of the king; flies to Ireland following his death
Son of Banquo; escapes from murderers
Kills the tyrant at the end of the play; discovers that the King has been killed in Act II
Son of a Scottish nobleman; killed by Macbeth
A Scottish lord; his son is killed by Macbeth
Goddess of magic; Mistress of the witches
A Weird Sister; has the first line in the play
Wounded soldier on the battlefield; tells of Macbeth's bravery
Prince of Cumberland; becomes King of Scotland at the end of the play
A Scottish lord; 'Meet we the medicine of the sickly weal/ And with him, pour we, in our country's purge, each drop of us.'
A Scottish lord; present in the Banquet scene; discusses the state of Scotland with another lord in Act III, Scene 6

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