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Who is Dom??

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Where was Dom born?
What is Dominicks mothers name?
What is Dom's favorite color?
Whats Doms favorite tv show
How many siblings does he have
does he like dogs or cats
where did he go to college
whats his favorite movie
what does dominick get at starbucks currently
what does dominick wear almost every day
what year did he start working at mesa pharmacy
who kidnapped dominick?
what color are his eyes
how tall is he?
Whos team would he be on if he were on the voice?
how many pillows are on his bed
does he sleep on his stomach, side, or back?
wheres is his favorite place to eavesdrop?
what famous michael jackson song did he win the 2008 talent show with?
in what grade was he class president?
how many time has dominick moved offices(shares a name with a jim carey movie)
who is dominicks favorite co worker?
who is dominick glad got fired?
who is dominick suprised they didnt fire?
what does dominick make in the keurig in the morning and only drink half of
if he were going to coachella who would he be most excited to see?
what is his most visited website at work
what name does dominick often get called by bullies

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