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Do you spell fingers with a ph?
Not only is it your head, but its also an addicting board game.
Breaking this bone isn't all that humerous.
I always thrusts with this bone when I am on the dancefloor.
Getting kicked in the shin is really getting kicked in this bone.
This is my favorite part to eat on a pig, but it protects the lungs in my body.
In math its half the diameter, but in my body its in my forearm.
Without a spine we wouldn't be able to move, but in class we're not allowed to call it the spine.
The bone that is your kneecap.
Your chin makes you the man who dibles with the ladies.
This is the bone in your calf (but it doesn't go through the muscle).
Your shoulder blade.
I will punch you in the chest and hurt this bone.

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