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QUIZ: Can you name the Movies from the 3 Clues?

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Tiger, Baby, Roofies
Katana, Wedding Dress, Snake
Soap, Nitro Glycerine, Red Jacket
Box, Rain, Sin
Binoculars, Wheelchair, Blinds
Apache, Jungle, Napalm
DeLoreon, Lightning, 88
Egg, Space, Android
Bank, Media, Operation
Teeth, 25ft, Orca
Rabbit, Mirror, Plane Crash
Ghosts, Wedding Ring, Gift
Caravan, Boxing, Desert Eagle.50
44.Magnum, Scorpio, Punk
Parliament, Mask, Daggers
Husky, Snow, Alien
Clownfish, Duuude, P.Sherman
Eye Patch, President, New York
Harmonica, Railway, Revenge
Hitman, Irish, Little Boy
Notepad, Mailbox, Flashbacks
Dystopian, Replicant, Memories
Oil, Bowling Pin, Milkshake
Hammer, Incest, Hypnotist
Boxing, Steps, Butchers
Private Investigator, Water, Nose
Mouse, 'Sparky', Healing
Mosquito, Park, Embryo
Spinning top, Dream, Train
Magician, Rivalry, Tesla
Cowboy, Astronaut, Friend
Death, Plague, Chess
Genie, Magic Carpet, Thief
Chainsaw, Cocaine, 'Little Friend'
Marijuana, Ostrich, Car
Snow Globe, Sled, Newspaper
Shower, Motel, Mother
Briefcase, Diamonds, Warehouse
Rogen, 'God's Vagina', Cross-Joint
Heroin, Scotland, Toilet
Jungle, Heat-Vision, Machine Guns
Wedding, Offer, Oranges
Golf, Alligator, Grandma
Neo-nazi, Brother, Curb
Hotel, Axe, Twins
Training Camp, Suicide, Vietnam
Slave, Bounty, Candy
Ferrari, 'Skipping School', Museum
Chianti, Moth, Lotion
Sugar-Ray, Biography, Comedian

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