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About MeWho Am I?I was born in...
I am a theoretical physicist who founded relativistic cosmology. Also, anyone ever heard of e=mc2?1879
I am an actor who took down the Russian evil empire. I would've loved to fly into the airport named after me. 1911
I commandered a Continental Army, and I'm a very famous father although I didn't have any kids. Hmm?1732
Ooh la la. I was born Norma and sang a sultry 'Happy Birthday' to a blushing president. I guess 'Some Like it Hot'. 1926
Don King took me to the very top, with my talent and 'Iron' will. However, I was disqualified for taking a 'bite' out of the competition. Yum! 1966
I was the richest man in the world with my oil company. Now, my name is best known for a building that houses NBC, and their show '30 Rock'.1839
I designed 'Fallingwater' and the Guggenheim. I like to think I'm an architect's hero.1867
Even though my family owns the Detroit Lions (ugh), I still revolutionized the assembly line. 1863
It's easy as ABC. I'm the 'King' of the 'Thriller', and if you think I'm going to give you any more hints, you are certainly not one 'Smooth Criminal'. 1958
My writing has inspired many, even 5 centuries later. There's certainly 'Much Ado About Nothing' about my 'Midsummer's Night Dream'. 1564 (Baptized)
About MeWho Am I?I was born in...
I led my country through the Nazi Invasion with my 'Iron Curtain'. If you get this wrong, consider yourself the newest citizen of Siberia, comrade.1878
I'm not bragging or anything, but all I did was create a machine that could mass produce books. I helped make the Bible available to the entire world!1398
Me and my three ships went looking for Asia, little did we know at the time of what we had discovered. Now, bankers and government employees get a day off to celebrate.1451
The King owed a lot of dough to my Dad, so instead of paying me back he decided to give me a whole bunch of land in the New World. Thanks for the 'Brothery Love'!1644
Boy, was I busy man. I was an inventor, politician, diplomat, scienctist, publisher, etc. I was even a 'Kite' flyer!1706
Sacrebleu! I may be small, but I commandered the great French Empire. 1769
Yea, I was a college dropout. However, I bet you wouldn't be playing this quiz right now if it wasn't for me. Why don't you take a look through your 'window'.1955
Okay, so we're more of a group than an individual, unlike the rest of the wankers here. Why don't you just 'Help' us out and 'let it be' with 'Sgt. Pepper'.1960
Alright Pilgrim, I'm a movie icon with the Sands of Iwo Jima. I even have an airport named after me!1907
Every single human being that lived before me couldn't even claim this little tidbit. I was the first to walk on the moon! 1930

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