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Can you name the Words that sound the same/similar in Dutch and English?

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EnglishSame/Similar sounding wordsDutch
A pedestal without arms or a backA piece of furniture used for sitting
A wild swineAn electronic tool used to drill holes
Gambling was the _____ of his existenceThe lower limb of a person and most mammals
A quantity of medicineA container
The highest pointSomthing placed at the top of a christmas tree
In pleasing order; Tidynot
Having a great or considerable extent verticallyAn aquatic animal
To prowl or pryGumballs, jawbreakers, gummybears, etc...
A collection of letters and/or packagesCommon ingredient for baking
EnglishSame/Similar sounding wordsDutch
Nature is ___doorsFar advancement in years
To carry the head and shoulders habitually bowed forwardA section of pavement
What person?In what way or manner?
Without further delaylimited in extent or space
First 4 letters from the name of a person between the ages of 12 and 201,2.3,4,5,6,7,8,9...
A sound a particular farm animal makes fatigued
Statement of money owedYour sitting on it
To struggle or deal withTo acquire possession of by paying
A person's relatives collectivelyThe lower extremity of the face

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