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Can you name the Name the games from the given places ?

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PlacesGame Name
Onderon, Nar Shaddaa, Korriban
Tristram, Lut Gholein, Kurast
Forest to Mansion, Labs, Trevor’s Shack
Azeroth, K'aresh, Xoroth
Mumbo's Mountain, Rusty Bucket Bay, Click Clock Woood
Bianco Hills, Sirena Beach, Noki Bay
Caladon, Dernholm, Tarant
Cosmo Canyon, Gold Saucer, Kalm
Destiny Islands, Traverse Town, Wonderland
Dawnville, Sewers, Berlin
Fusion Station, Launch Facility, DukeBurger
Citadel Station, Normandy, Therum
Redcliffe, Denerim, Orzammar
PlacesGame Name
Cambodia, The Temple of Karnak, Giza
Lost Woods, Lake Hylia, Temple of Time
Unpopulated Peninsula,The Forbidden Land, The 'Shrine of Worship'
The Control Room, The Pillar of Autumn, The Library
Fishermans Horizon, Esthar, Balamb Garden
Moo Moo Farm, Kalimari Desert, Choco Mountain
Metal Harbor, Pumpkin Hill, Chao World
The Den, Vault City, Navarro
Sigil, Baator, Carceri
Vandenberg Air Force Base, Area 51, Hong Kong
Ald'ruhn, Balmora, Vivec City
Balterossa, Ghor, Royotia

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