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Number 6 of the original pocket monsters
Name of the main character’s trusty helper in “Ocarina of Time”
Formal name of the damsel in distress in Nintendo's trademark games
Name of the main character in the series made by both Disney and Squaresoft
Name of the character who initially threw Spinies down at the famous plumber, but then became his cameraman, and now holds a traffic light.
Original name of the person who changed his name to Leon
Full name of the female bounty hunter who made her first appearance on the Nintendo 8 bit
An invertebrate in a space suit who can use his head as a grappling hook
Trusty companion in Mario Sunshine
Male hero starring in the first Resident Evil
Baby like creatures in games by Sega's lead character
Old wise guy who helps heroes throughout the Diablo game series
Person who gained a complete game series and stared in her own movies: Daughter of Lord Richard
The only playable beast like character in Final Fantasy X
A not so serious guy who even used cannonballs to get rid of aliens
New princess who made her first appearance in Mario Galaxy and then became an unlockable character for Mario Kart Wii
Links true friend before he goes off on his adventure in “Ocarina of Time”
Full name of the first female character to join Mortal Kombat

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