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Can you name the Good Mythical Morning episodes based on the Mythical Wheel ending?

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Mythical Wheel EndingEpisode Title
Rhett impersonates Link
Rhett and Link howl like wolves
Halftime speech from Rhett
Shoutout to Monaco
Soap Opera: Rhett slaps Link
Link calls his Nana
No ending
Rhett beatbox, Link dance
Eat your own hair
Rhett frog Link
Improv ending song
Red face
Rhett and Link act like cowboys
Link interviews Rhett for a job
Link frog Rhett
Rhett leaves angry
Rhett thanks Teresa for watching in a radio voice
Zero gravity
Alternating words
Shoutout to librarians
Link messes up Rhett's hair
Hypnotist Link
Evil laughs
Rhett is hard of hearing
Rhett ventriloquises Link
Motivational speech
Interpretive dance (Rhett)
Tell kids to do homework and chores
Rhett old man lawn speech
Link slaps Rhett silly
Award show acceptance speech
Induce laugh attack with each other
Motivational speech
Link dies
Rhett and Link are cowboys
Sportscaster ending
Link tells Rhett a bedtime story
Shipwrecked on a desert island
Rhett dies
Teacher (Link) and student (Rhett)
Link leaves sad
Rhett apologizes to Link in advance for something
Interpretive dance (Link)
Mythical Wheel EndingEpisode Title
Link impersonate Rhett
Silent movie
Only ask questions
Famous actor (Rhett) and fan (Link)
Switch places
Slow motion fight
Rhett is Gandalf and Link is Frodo
High note (Link) and low note (Rhett)
Link is a zombie
Hero's goodbye from Link
Sad face happy ending
Sign off as sock puppets
Rhett from the future has no time to explain
Sing a Beatles song while holding each other's noses
Link throws a temper tantrum
Presidential debate
Link falls asleep
Awkward silence
Arm wrestle
Police interrogation (Rhett is the cop)
Everything is fascinating
Link is James Bond, Rhett is a villain
Rhett gives birth to a baby hippo
Meet Jason
Thumb wrestle
News reporter (Rhett)
Call 911
Voicemail greeting
Blooper reel
Rhett does dead move on Link
Rhett gives Link a fatherly lecture
7th grade English teacher shoutout
Gibberish translator
Telepathic ending
Link performs brain surgery
Link smells awful
Rhett and Link at the club
Breath hold contest
Out-compliment each other
Rhett and Link quit
Interpretive dance (Rhett)
Uncomfortable close-up
Mythical Wheel EndingEpisode Title
Speech to warriors
Explaining eating (Link)
Shoutout to the Principality of Sealand
Knights fighting a dragon
Summiting Mount Everest
Link is Godzilla
Rhett shrinks and Link grows
Dramatic death scene
Trip to the barber
Link does dead move on Rhett
Link is in Rhett's airplane seat
Prepare to fight the death star
Forget that we're still recording
Meet Link's imaginary friend
The floor is lava
Rhett defends himself from a black bear (Link)
Rhett is caught in quicksand
Old west gunfight
Power outage
Rhett gives motivational speech to Link's adam's apple
No wheel, but live audience conducting
(Imaginary Wheel) Show the audience your tattoos
(Imaginary Wheel) Riding a Roller Coaster
(Imaginary Wheel) Cheerleaders for the world's worst team
(Imaginary Wheel) Link gets amnesia
(Imaginary Wheel) Motorcyclists terrorize a small town
(Imaginary Wheel) Pose for a family portrait
Two news reporters in a hurricane
Speak like Yoda
Shoutout to Uruguay
Teen with headphones (Rhett) and old man (Link)
Dance like you're inside the Dope Zebra
Become Siamese twins
Plot to kill the cameraman
Turn into mimes
Sarcastic ending
Long lost relatives
End the episode at the back of the room
Strike gold
North Carolina Representatives ratify and sign the Declaration of Independence
Backwards ABC slap hands
No ending (endless spin)

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