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Spell descriptionIncantation
Creates water that comes from the tip of the wand
Charm that creates a beam of light from the tip of the wand
Spell that turns off the light produced by lumos
Spell that causes wounds to heal and replenishes lost blood
Spell that makes the target disappear, go into nothingness
Charm used to unseal and unlock doors
Hex that causes the opponent's teeth to rapidly grow. Can also be used to regrow broken teeth
Curse that causes the subject's tongue to curl backwards, in order to prevent revealing important information
Charm that causes the subject to feel like they are being tickled
Charm used to bring something to the caster
Spell that stuns the victim, and can knock them unconscious
Spell that conjures a snake
Causes something to be silent
Charm that makes an enlarged object smaller
Charm that causes minor to moderate jinxes, hexes, and curses to rebound on the opponent, acting as a shield to protect the caster
Charm used to rip, tear, or generally damage an object
Spell that causes deep gashes on the subject, that look as if they have been slashed by a sword
Charm used to clean something
Spell that causes an object to reveal hidden magical properties or secrets
Spell that forces a boggart to take on a different form, usually something humorous
Jinx that makes the subject let go of whatever it is binding or holding
Charm that reveals hidden objects
Charm used to make invisible ink visible, and to reverse concealing charms
Charm that disintegrates anyone trying to enter an area
Charm that revives someone who has been stunned
Curse that breaks or disintegrates objects
Charm that makes a magically-magnified voice return to normal
Charm that casts a powerful shield that won't allow anything to pass through it
Charm that shields against dark magic, powerful
Allows the caster to see the last spell that was cast by a particular wand
Spell that turns an object into a portkey
Jinx that causes the target to be covered in pimples or boils
Spell used to animate suits of armor and statues that will do the caster's bidding
Spell that lets the caster send red sparks out of their wand
Defensive spell that is used to conjure a spirit-like being that represents the caster's positive emotions in order to help defend against dark creatures
Spell descriptionIncantation
Conjures a bouquet of flowers from the caster's wand
Jinx used to cause animals to attack
Repairs glasses
Spell used to conjure a blindfold to obstruct the subject's vision
Charm that keeps muggles away from a certain area
Spell fills the ears of anyone nearby with a buzzing sound, to prevent eavesdropping
Spell that allows the caster to levitate and move a body
Spell that allows the caster to levitate and move an object
Charm used to repair broken objects
Removes or hides the memory of a specific time, place, person, or event
Charm that is used to move named objects
Charm that locks doors and other lockable things
Spell that counteracts Levicorpus
Charm that levitates and moves an object
Spell that causes the subject to hang upside down by their ankle
Spell that lets the caster go into the mind of the subject
Curse that causes the subject to be unable to move their legs
Spell that causes the subject's tongue to be glued to the roof of their mouth
Curse that causes instant death to the opponent
Curse that causes the subjects legs to give out
Spell that inflates objects
Spell that conjures ropes that bind the subject
Spell that makes the object repel substances such as water
Curse that puts the subject into a dream-like state where they are powerless and will do the will of the caster
Jinx that trips, knocks back, binds, freezes, or otherwise stops the target
Spell that reveals any humans present in the area of the caster
Spell used to repair a vanishing cabinet
Charm that turns the object into solid stone
Curse that causes the opponent to lose their hair
Spell used to gouge pieces out of an opponent or object
Spell that causes the steps on a set of stairs to flatten into a slide
Spell that ends the effects of another spell in the area of the caster
Curse that creates a second, useless version of an object
Spell that binds the subject's body and causes them to be rigid and immobile
Spell that stops living targets from moving
Spell descriptionIncantation
Spell that causes the caster's wand to act as a compass
Curse that causes an object to emit burning heat when touched
Spell that makes fire
Defensive charm that strengthens existing shield spells
Spell that creates a splint and bandage
Curse that uses pressure to cause an explosion
Dueling spell that causes the victim to be thrown back several feet; also causes a short pain
Spell used to set up a tent or other structure
Spell used to disintegrate an object
Spell used to heal minor injuries, such as a broken noses or cartilage
Hex that turns the target into an insectoid for a short time
Charm that causes the target to swell in size considerably.
Charm that reveals a hidden passageway
Charm that causes whatever is in the opponent's hand to fly out of their grip
Spell that causes the object to move downwards
Spell that places a lot of downward pressure on the target, causing a fracture or hole in the target
Conjures the Dark Mark
Spell that causes the victim to dance uncontrollably
Curse that gives the opponent a bad head cold, including a very runny nose
Curse that causes intense pain, similar to that of being stabbed with hot knives, to the opponent
Charm that causes the opponent to become confused
Charm that enables the caster to change the color of an object or animal
Charm that conjures a protective shield that keeps those outside of it from hearing, smelling, or otherwise sensing the people within it
Charm that repairs a broken arm
Curse that causes anything it comes in contact with to explode
Charm that creates birds
Spell used to make an object fly away from the caster.
Spell used to lift the caster into the air
Spell used to slow down a target; can also be used on the caster
Spell used to defend against acromantulas and likely other spiders
Hex that turns the opponents hair into antlers
Spell that is used to clear a blocked airway
Charm that causes the caster's voice to be magically magnified, when the wand is pointed at the caster
Spell that is used to throw an object upwards into the air

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